10 Best Cache Cleaner Apps To Boost Your Android Speed

In our busy lives, smartphones are like our personal assistants. But what if your Android phone starts to slow down, freeze, or act like it’s stuck in quicksand? It’s frustrating, right?

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Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution! Android Cleaner apps are like a magic broom for your phone, sweeping away unnecessary data and giving your device a much-needed speed boost.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 cleaner apps for Android, ready to help you clean up your phone’s act. They’ll help you say goodbye to those annoying freezes and hello to a smoother, faster phone. It’s like giving your Android a fresh start. Get ready to fall in love with your phone all over again!

How Cleaner Apps Can Improve Android Phones Performance

Cleaner Apps mainly target the RAM of an Android device and clean the app cache and usable data on it to increase the device’s speed and usability. The read and write memory (RAM) of any device holds all of the ongoing data, files, downloads, and software on it to later decide whether they must be cached, junked, or stored on your storage drives. They mainly do it using these methods: 

  • Memory Optimization: Close background processes, optimize RAM, and enhance device responsiveness.
  • Storage Organization: Organize files or manage apps for efficient data access and maintenance.
  • Cache & Unnecessary Data: Cleaner apps remove cache and redundant files, boosting storage and performance.
  • File Management: Manage large files, duplicates, and downloads for further declutter

10 Best Free Android Cleaners to Speed Up Your Android Device

Here are the best Android cleaner apps mentioned!

1- Norton360 – Realtime Mobile Virus Cleaner

Norton360 is one of the best cleaning apps for Android that clears out junk from your Android Phone. It provides not only an Android cleaning tool but also enhanced privacy, security, protection, and a free VPN for andorid users throughout the year, as represented by its name.  With more than 50 Million downloads and nearly a 4-star rating on Google Play ratings and reviews, this app not only cleans cache files containing malware danger but also comes with a WiFi Analyzer and Ad Blocker technology to help keep your mobile device secure against malware, spyware, and other online privacy threats.

Key Features of Norton360 Realtime Virus Cleaner

  • Real-Time Protection Guards against viruses, malware, and trojan files from your Android
  • Malware Detection Scans and eradicates malicious software to prevent infections.
  • Web Protection Blocks malicious websites, checks links for safety, and alerts about
  • Performance Optimization clears up your Android device through the installed Android cleaning app
  • Scanning Options Offers quick, full system, and custom scans to ensure comprehensive coverage.

2- AVG Cleaner – Best Android Cleaner App

AVG Cleaner is one of the best Android phone cleaners available on the market right now. It includes greater features like an onboard booster app that lets you free up space on your Android smartphone. With more than 50 Million downloads and nearly 4.3 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this Android phone cleaner app also replaces preinstalled bloatware apps you don’t use with factory versions to save space and allows background apps to run freely along with removing junk files, uninstalling apps, and deleting bad or unwanted photos and videos.

Key Features of AVG Cleaner Android App

  • This app helps to clear unnecessary files to free up space and improve performance
  • Optimizes RAM  by closing background apps to boost the performance of your Android device
  • This cleaner comes with an app manager to view app usage, uninstall apps, and manage storage.
  • You can suspend background apps to save resources from unused apps

3 – CCleaner – Most Used Android Storage Cleaner App

From the list of Android cleaner apps CCleaner for Android has proved to be the Android cleaner app that really cleans your phone. This app comes among the best apps on the Google Play store with more than 100 Million downloads and nearly 4.5 stars ratings on Google Play rating and reviews. CCleaner is also a speed booster for Android users, which clears the cache data and increases phone storage. With an excellent core performance, this app beats many Android cleaner apps in clearing files from your phone and therefore it could easily be deduced that this is the best cleaner app for Android

Key Features of CCleaner Most Used Cleaner App

  • You can have scheduled time to clean your Android device
  • Easily remove unwanted files from your Android device and manage startup items for faster boot times.
  • Allows you to locate and remove duplicate files to regain storage.
  • Save space on your Android device by regular cache cleanups on a selected time
  • Good Android os with a simple and intuitive interface for easy use.

4 – Avast Cleanup – Quick Android Junk Cleaner App

Wave goodbye to sluggishness and storage limitations as Avast Cleanup efficiently removes unnecessary clutter, fine-tunes your device, and delivers a faster, more seamless experience. With more than 50 Million downloads and nearly 4.4 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this app lets you enjoy a cleaner, more effective phone that allows you to focus on what truly matters all conveniently within your reach. This cleaner also provides you onboard security through Avast’s security feature with a great Android cleaner tool.

Key Features of Avast Cleanup Quick Cleaner Tool

  • Helps you boost performance by clearing residual files
  • An App lock for all of your system apps 
  • Real-time monitoring ensures an optimized smartphone with timely alerts.
  • A User-friendly interface to suit users of all phones or tablets
  • Smart recommendations optimize devices with insightful suggestions.

5 – Phone Cleaner –  Easy to Use Android Cleaner App

Phone cleaner is one of the best virus cleaner applications available on the market right now. This app allows you to check all of the installed apps on your Android device and then provides a recommendation to scan, allow, remove, or quarantine all threats. With more than 10 Million downloads and nearly 4.4 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this Android app has the easiest UIs to use and therefore has become one of the best free cleaners for Androids. 

Key Features of Phone Cleaner Best UI Cleaner App

  • The memory booster feature optimizes the phone’s performance directly from the home screen or other app
  • Remove junk from the device like cache, residual files, and obsolete apks.
  • Saves the battery from overheating from excessive charging with an intelligent reminder.
  • Provides easy access to the app with a floating icon that can appear through certain gestures

6 – Droid Commander – Best File Manager Android App

Droid Commander is an application made for people with extreme OCD. This application allows the users to manage their files and brings a whole file cleaner which can allow them to initiate a drag and drop handling that sets a new standard in file interaction making whatever you want to do a smooth operation. With more than 100k downloads and nearly 4.0-star ratings on Google Play ratings and reviews this file manager provides all typical file operations such as cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, and a file transfer to the PC  to clean your device in the best possible way for you.

Key Features of Droid Commander Best File Cleaner App

  • Cleans apps running in the background by managing all the file folders for you.
  • A ranking system is available to motivate the users to clean the device without getting bored.
  • Declutter the phone by sorting out apps, files, photos, music, and videos.
  • Helps in making memory space and speeding up the device
  • Increases battery life by enabling you to switch on a good night scheduler.

7 – SD Maid – Best System Cleaning Android App

This application keeps your device clean and tidy. SD maid is an application that increases the space on your phone vividly as it allows going into the Android and cleaning all of its storage devices, such as installed SD cards, cloud storage, and on-device ROM storage. With more than 10 Million downloads and nearly 2.2 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this application comes with a cache cleaner that helps in cleaning multiple apps at once.

Key Features of SD Maid System Cleaning App

  • Deep phone cleaning app to clear all your junk data
  • Provides a detailed overview of the device to help you in optimizing databases.
  • Finds and allows you to delete duplicate files independent of name or location.
  • Helps you manage installed application

8 – Files by Google – Most Downloaded File Cleaning App 

Files By Google is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play store. It comes mostly pre-downloaded with many Android Phones to manage storage in the best way possible. With more than 1 Billion Downloads and nearly 4.5 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this application comes with an Android booster that allows you to access your cloud files and manage the properly making it one of the best apps to clean your Android devices. Usable on almost every Android that is backed with Google, this app presents a database that is one the strongest in the world.

Key Features of Files by Google Cleaning App

  • Allows you a link between remote and local storage for quickly managing data and storage
  • You can free up space on your device with cleaning recommendations
  • Secure your files with a non-device lock
  • Find files faster with search and simple browsing
  • Back up files to the cloud to save space on your device

9 –  All-in-One – Cleaner App for All Services

Facing the issue of a slow and janky tablet, phone, or any Android device. The all-in-one cleaner has been set up to provide users with the ability to control, manage, delete, copy, or reuse their files and data from one place for all of their devices. With more than 1 Million downloads and nearly 4,4 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this application allows users to clean their phone from junk, malware, large data files, and cache data from one application. 

Key Features of All-in-One Cleaner App

  • Manage files and apps with features like batch uninstaller and explore files
  • Boosts speed by releasing memory in one touch.
  • Shows you the battery or CPU temperature and enables you to cool it down
  • Allows you to add plugins like find direction, lock app, boost game plugin, and much more

10 – Phone Master – Best Junk Cleaning App

Phone Master has been one of the oldest Cleaning apps on the Google Play store. It was one of the first apps that released a PC-like feature of cleaning your cache data and allowed the integration of an application that accessed the RAM of an Android device to make it run better. With more than 500 Million downloads and nearly 4.5 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this application is one of the most used cleaner apps from the list of the best available due to its versatility and longititvity

Key Features of Phone Master Junk Cleaning App

  • Clean up junk files easily, cache, and unneeded data on your phone to free up available storage space.
  • Best customer service for you to provide any quires on Google Comments
  • Industrialised app that is being used for both professional and personal use
  • Comes with an included VPN

Cleaner Apps vs. Manual Cleaning: Which Yields Better Results?

Your phones are designed with a selected RAM and ROM. This ROM could be upgraded on a few Android phones due to its nonvolatile behaviour however, the RAM cannot be changed due to it being volatile. The applications created to make your phones faster are directed towards your RAM which can be cleared of pre-determined or cache data.

Manual Cleaning allows you to clean those files yourself whereas the cleaner apps tend to take every property on their hands and clean your phone according to desired results.

Manual cleaning will give you peace of mind knowing you have cleared the data you wanted out to make space or run things smoother however it takes time. Whereas the Cleaner Applications clean data faster but leave a few files as they can only be accessed by the admin and be approved to clean.

Therefore both methodologies have their pros and cons and it totally depends on whether you want faster cleaning or stronger cleaning.

Are Cleaner Apps For Android Worth It?

Cleaner apps in 2023 are totally worth it. They help you increase the performance and phone storage of your Android device, by cleaning out cache data, junk and large files, malware, and viruses easily, and at a faster rate than any manual cleansing. You can use them to clean your device on the go and even while you’re using it.

There are many cleaner apps available on the Google Play store for both your Android Tablet and your Android Mobile Phone, however, you can always select the best applications from our list of the best Android cleaner apps to have a faster and smoother experience while using your smartphone. 

How do Android cleaner apps improve my device’s performance?

Android cleaner apps, such as app cleaners, junk removers, cache cleaners, and virus cleaners, improve your device’s performance by clearing unnecessary files

Can cleaner apps help extend my Android device’s battery life?

Yes, cleaner apps, including junk removers and cache cleaners, can help extend your Android device’s battery life by managing background processes

Do cleaner apps really clear up storage space on my Android device?

Cleaner apps like junk cleaners and cache removers do clear up storage space on your Android device by removing temporary files, app cache, and residual data, freeing up valuable memory.

What role do cleaner apps play in optimizing RAM usage on my Android?

They help clear out unused background processes and temporary data, resulting in smoother multitasking.

Can cleaner apps enhance gaming performance on Android?

Cleaner apps can enhance gaming performance on Android by freeing up memory, optimizing resources, and reducing background processes, leading to smoother gameplay

Can using cleaner apps lead to the accidental deletion of important files on my Android?

While cleaner apps are generally designed to safely remove unnecessary files, there is a slim possibility of accidental deletion of important files

Can I schedule automatic cleanups with Android cleaner apps?

Yes, you can schedule automatic cleanups with many Android cleaner apps, such as app cleaners and junk removers. This allows you to keep your device optimized without manual intervention.

Can app cleaners speed up app launches on my Android?

App cleaners can contribute to speeding up app launches on your Android by clearing the app cache and optimizing storage

Can virus cleaners compromise my Android’s security?

Virus cleaners are focused on enhancing your Android’s security by detecting and removing malware and potential threats, ensuring safer browsing.

How often should I use junk cleaners on Android?

The frequency of using junk cleaners on Android can vary based on your device usage. Generally, it’s recommended to perform cleaning sessions regularly, such as once a week

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