Android 14 Beta 3 with More Power, Enhanced Accessibility

Android 14 Beta 3 with More Power, Enhanced Accessibility
  • Android 14 Beta 3: Wallpaper dimming saves battery, font scaling improves visibility, and enhanced transparency.
  • Battery-saving wallpaper dimming in Android 14 Beta 3 extends battery life.
  • Android 14 Beta 3 introduces font scaling, media permissions, and improved data-sharing transparency.

Introducing the latest release, Android 14 Beta 3, packed with exciting new features that may soon be available on all Android phones later this year. One noteworthy addition, spotted by Android Police, is a small yet impactful change to Battery Saver mode that can significantly extend your phone’s battery life.

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They call it “wallpaper dimming,” and it does exactly what it suggests—it dims your wallpaper when Battery Saver is activated, while leaving your app icons and At a Glance widgets unaffected. Previously, you could only access this feature through Extreme Battery Saver, which slows down your phone and limits app usage, or the Bedtime mode in Digital Wellbeing. The impact of wallpaper dimming depends on how vibrant your wallpaper is.

Essentially, if the pixels on your home screen operate at a lower brightness than usual, it can save some power, albeit a small amount. By making the Android OS more energy efficient, this feature has the potential to extend your device’s battery life. This is quite remarkable considering that several Android phones are already known for their impressive battery performance. (Note: If you’re experiencing battery issues, you can check your Android battery health.)

Wallpaper dimming isn’t the only addition in this beta release. It also introduces default support for font scaling up to 200%. This feature allows developers to adjust their apps for better visibility, particularly for those with visual impairments, without compromising usability. Additionally, developers now have the tools to grant users permissions to their media content, a feature similar to what has been available on Apple’s iPhones since iOS 14.

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Furthermore, the beta includes enhanced transparency, providing clearer insights into an app’s data-sharing practices. With Android 14 Beta 3, these new features aim to improve your phone’s battery life, enhance accessibility for users with visual impairments, and offer increased transparency regarding data-sharing practices. Stay tuned for the full release later this year, as these features may soon become available on Android devices near you!

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the new feature in Android 14 Beta 3 that extends battery life?

The new feature is called “wallpaper dimming,” which reduces the brightness of the wallpaper in Battery Saver mode.

How does wallpaper dimming save battery life?

Wallpaper dimming lowers the brightness of the home screen pixels, conserving power.

How can developers improve app visibility in Android 14 Beta 3?

Developers can scale fonts up to 200% for better visibility, especially for users with visual impairments.

What permission feature is available for developers in Android 14 Beta 3?

Developers can grant users permission to their media content, similar to iOS 14 on iPhones.

What transparency improvement does Android 14 Beta 3 offer?

Android 14 Beta 3 provides enhanced transparency on app data-sharing practices.

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