Android Auto Glitch Keeps Google Maps Onscreen

Android Auto Glitch Keeps Google Maps Onscreen
  • Android Auto bug: Google Maps continues running even after leaving the car.
  • Bug impacting both wired and wireless connections.
  • Users are hoping from developers to fix the bug soon.

Android Auto and Google Maps have now received some updates that cause minor problems. After updating to Android Auto version 10.0, customers have noticed a malicious activity where Google Maps continues to run even after leaving their car.

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Typically, when you install Android Auto on your phone, Google Maps automatically launches the infotainment show, allowing users to navigate easily. But with today’s update, many people have noticed that Google Maps continues to work and provide information on their Android phones with navigation prestige, even if they’re no longer in the car.

This problem has been observed in various devices, including Google Pixel Fold, Samsung phones, and Pixel phones. Using an adapter like the Motorola MA1 or AAWireless seems to cause this regardless of whether the connection is wired or Wi-Fi.

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While this malfunction is not always the first problem, this one aspect can be tragic. Fortunately, you can completely tap your phone’s “Exit Navigation” option to fix it. It’s worth noting that this problem isn’t limited to Android Auto and Google Maps. This is a little issue users have mentioned, and hopefully, the developers will work on it soon.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What bugs have users complained about after the recent Android Auto and Google Maps updates?

Users have complained that Google Maps continues running and displays a notification even after leaving the car.

Which devices are impacted by this bug?

Various devices like Google Pixel Fold, Samsung phones, and other pixel phones have been impacted by this bug.

Is the bug occurring with both wired and wireless connections?

Yes, it happens with both wired connections and wireless adapters.

How can the bug be resolved?

The bug can be fixed by selecting the “exit navigation” option on the phone.

Are the developers aware of the bug?

Yes, certainly, they are aware and will work on it soon.

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