Android’s New Tweak: Bye-Bye Eye-Strain!

Bye Bye Eye Strain
  • Android’s new feature lets you say Bye-Bye to your Eye Strain.
  • Auto Adjustable brightness is the key to fixing a long-time standing issue.
  • Android 14 is looking promising with all these new features.

Have you ever opened your phone in a dark room, and the brightness of your phone almost blinded you? My friend, you are not alone. This is one of those small yet infuriating problems that have annoyed android users a lot.

Say bye-bye to this annoyance as Android 14 is here with a brand new update which fixed this all-time long issue.

Auto-adjustable Brightness works in a way that it uses a sensor to detect the luminous intensity of your surroundings and auto-adjust your brightness according to it, even if your phone is in sleep mode.

Source Code for new update Auto Brightness

You can test this feature even yourself by heightening your brightness in a bright room and putting your phone in sleep mode, and going to a dark room. When you turn on the phone, the brightness will auto adjusts itself according to the luminosity of the room.

Mishaal Rahman, an android expert, discovered this feature while scrolling through source notes of Android 13 beta 1 QRP2.

Although the Android 14 is not out yet, the features that we have been seeing are definitely very intriguing.


Android Expert Mishaal Rahman discovered yet another even more amazing feature. The Auto-adjustable brightness feature fixes a long-time issue faced by android users.

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