Caution! Android’s New Update Brings More Alerts

Battery Alert Notification
  • Android 14 brings a new notification alert to remind users to charge their phones.
  • The first alert will be at 15% battery, followed by a reminder at 5% battery.
  • The alert will keep reminding you until the phone is charged.

You are immersed in your phone, and your battery suddenly dies. This is a problem android users have suffered a lot. But unlike Android, Appleā€™s iPhone has a feature that alerts you of your battery percentage. 

Android 14 is bringing a new change for its users. It brings a new notification alert, which reminds you to charge your phone. It will alert the user as soon as the battery drops, and it will keep reminding you until you charge your phone.

Alert like this will not only remind the user to charge the phone but also helps you keep the health of your battery in good condition.

First Alert will be as soon as your percentage drops to 15%. The next alert will remind you when your battery is 5%. After that, it will keep bombarding you with alerts until you finally plug in the charging port.

Although this feature sounds good, it has some downsides as well. One of the cons that Apple iPhone users have suffered is that it is very distracting and ruins the experience.


Android 14 unveils a new feature similar to that of the Apple iPhone. The notification alert would remind you of your battery percentage. This feature, whether it would be good or bad time will tell. But Android is definitely heading in the right direction.

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