Apple’s iPhone Jealous, Pixel Steals the Show in Google’s Ad

Apple's iPhone Jealous, Pixel Steals the Show in Google's Ad
  • Google’s “BestPhonesForever” campaign compares Pixel phones with iPhones, showcasing advanced features.
  • Ads highlight Pixel’s astrophotography, built-in VPN, Qi-charging, and new folding technology.
  • Google introduced the $1,800 foldable Pixel Fold; Apple has yet to release a foldable phone.

Recently, Google unveiled a lighthearted marketing campaign known as “BestPhonesForever” In this playful campaign, they evaluate their modern-day Pixel smartphones to the iPhone, providing the ‌iPhone‌ as a cellphone from the beyond that changed into as soon as amazing but now struggles to suit the skills of its younger cellphone counterparts.

There are five ads telling a story. In one of them called “Plateau” the ‌iPhone‌ expresses sadness about being 14 years old and not being able to keep up with certain features of the Pixel smartphone. The Pixel phone tries to comfort the ‌iPhone‌ by mentioning the unique blue bubbles that appear when sending messages.

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The ‌iPhone‌ sadly exclaims, “The bubbles! The bubbles! Is it all I have to show for all these years just the color of a bubble? I mean, so many people have eagerly waited in line for me.” Eventually, the ‌iPhone‌ runs out of battery, and the Pixel phone urgently calls for a charger. “Oh, quick! Somebody bring a Lightning charger!

In another advertisement, the two smartphones are enjoying a peaceful evening under the starry sky. The iPhone sadly expresses its inability to capture the beauty of the stars like the Pixel can with its remarkable astrophotography mode. In a different ad, there’s a lighthearted poke at Apple’s privacy stance regarding public Wi-Fi.

The iPhone exclaims with a touch of panic, “Oh no! We should disconnect from this public Wi-Fi immediately. It seems there might be hackers around.” The Pixel smartphone comes to the rescue by reassuring the iPhone that it is completely safe because it has a built-in VPN, a security feature that the iPhone lacks.

In the fourth position, the Pixel smartphone suggests capturing some videos until it realizes that the iPhone’s battery is completely drained. The Pixel cleverly uses Qi-based charging to quickly charge up the iPhone on the spot. In a final video, the iPhone expresses envy while listing all of the Pixel’s impressive features.

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The Pixel proudly demonstrates its latest folding technology, leaving the iPhone completely shocked. The iPhone jokingly questions the current year, wondering if we finally have flying cars yet.

Google’s today’s campaign is promoting the Pixel Fold, a new smartphone that they are calling the “BestPhonesForever”. The Pixel Fold turned into delivered through Google in May and is priced at $1,800. Unlike Google, Apple has now not released a foldable phone, and there’s no information to be had about how they could achieve this.

Most Frequently Asked Question;

What is the “BestPhonesForever” ad campaign?

It’s a Google ad campaign comparing their Pixel phones with iPhones, presenting Pixels as more advanced.

What happens in the “Plateau” ad?

An iPhone laments its age and inability to keep up with Pixel’s features, then runs out of battery.

What aspects do other ads of Pixel highlight?

Other ads show the Pixel’s superior astrophotography and built-in VPN security, and ability to charge the iPhone.

What is shown in the final ad of Pixel?

The final ad features the Pixel’s folding technology, which surprises the iPhone.

What is the Pixel Fold?

The Pixel Fold is Google’s new $1,800 foldable smartphone.

Has Apple made a foldable phone?

As of June 2023, Apple has not released a foldable phone.

How does Pixel assist iPhone’s battery issue in one ad?

The Pixel uses its Qi-based charging to quickly charge the iPhone when its battery is drained.

What is the iPhone’s reaction to Pixel’s folding technology?

The iPhone is shocked by the Pixel’s folding technology and humorously questions the current year.

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