Apple’s iPhone will soon speak with your voice

Apple's iPhone will soon speak with your voice
  • Apple introduces personalized voice and Live Speech for speech-impaired and phone-call-averse users.
  • Google’s Project Relate and Euphonia improve understanding of non-standard speech.
  • Apple announces Assistive Access, Point and Speak, and more accessibility features at WWDC.

Tech companies have been actively working on solutions to assist individuals with speech issues, and Apple is now joining the effort. Previously, Google introduced Project Relate and Euphonia, initiatives aimed at training speech recognition models to better understand “non-standard” speech.

Apple’s solution goes a step further by offering a personalized voice for those who may eventually lose their ability to speak. This feature could also benefit individuals who prefer not to make phone calls for various reasons. It would be wonderful if Google introduced a similar feature for Android users as well.

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In addition to the Personal Voice feature, Apple is introducing another accessibility tool called Live Speech. With Live Speech, users can type a message that will be spoken aloud during phone calls or FaceTime chats. This feature is reminiscent of RTT calling technology, but the inclusion of Personal Voice support makes it more personal and tailored to individual needs.

Apple has also announced other accessibility features that will be rolled out later this year. One such feature is Assistive Access, which can be seen as an easy mode with a simplified user interface, making it more accessible to everyone. Another feature, Point and Speak, utilizes the device’s camera viewfinder to read out labels or text as users point at them.

While there is no specific timeline provided for the release of these features, it is likely that they will be included in the upcoming iPhone and iPad updates. More information regarding these updates can be expected at Apple’s WWDC event next month.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is Apple’s solution for speech issues?

Apple offers personalized voices for speech-impaired individuals and those who prefer not to make calls.

Who introduced Project Relate and Euphonia?

Google introduced Project Relate and Euphonia for better speech recognition.

Will Android users get a similar feature?

No information is available on whether Google will introduce it for Android.

What is Live Speech?

Live Speech allows typing messages spoken during calls or FaceTime chats.

What is Assistive Access?

Assistive Access is an easy mode with a simplified interface.

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