10 Best Android Apps To Learn English – Speak Fluently

English is a global language spoken by many people around the world. But, did you know more than half of the world finds it hard to read or understand English? If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Here’s a list of the top 10 Android apps to help you learn English. These apps are your personal tutors, ready to help you master English for both social and professional gains.

So, let’s explore these easy-to-use “Android Apps To Learn English“. Are you ready to start your journey to better English? Let’s get started!

What are the Consequences of Poor English Skills? 

Poor English skills are the same as poor communication skills in the international market. Where 90% of the work is dependent upon one language, poor English skills disable you to many higher opportunities. You lack confidence due to no fluency in a language, and providing or displaying information becomes difficult.

This not only creates a problem for the user but also for the receiver as a basic communication tool may cause discrepancies within their outputs. Native English speakers may not understand you due to your grammatical or pronunciation errors, which may cause a major problem within the acts of social and economic relations. 

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10 Benefits of Learning English through Android Apps

1) Excess to vast information: Learning English can allow you access to millions of knowledge books present over the internet. You can also access them physically at many different libraries around the world. Books about work, education, and social and economic will allow you to improve your English speaking as well as benefit you in understanding the rituals of the world from a greater perspective.

2) Enhanced Communication: Learning fluent English through these apps will allow you to communicate with your fellow colleagues and friends better. You can also meet various types of people around the world by having speaking practice routines on these apps. 

3) Improve Travel Experience: Interesting English learning apps will benefit you while traveling. You can practice English on the go, and now conversing with locals or tourist guides from countries like Canada, America, the United Kingdom, and Australia may become easy!

4) Better Understanding of Culture: These apps help you to improve your English speaking and understanding, which will not only help you in being enriched which cultural media, TV shows, and music but also allow you to understand the new trends and the ongoing aspirations around the world. 

5) Boost Confidence: Many people face shyness and limit themselves to situations where they could’ve improved due to their weak English skills. These apps allow you to become more fluent in understanding and speaking English by making your vocabulary and English grammar better. 

6) Aid in learning new languages: English learning not only helps you in English learning skills but there are a number of apps to help you to learn languages like French once u are done with learning English as these languages are mainly substitutes for it.

7) Keeps your brain sharp: Learning English enables you to read more. This means you would be reading your emails and news along with listening to various different things over the internet, which will help you in having a greater memory and improve your storage management skills along the way.

8) Imporved Employment opportunities: Learning English through these apps is free! You can learn English pronunciation to get employed and also learn English while immigrating to a developed English-speaking country.

9) Academic and Research: One of the main reasons to learn English is to improve your Academics. As Many researches, articles, studies, and blogs are written in English, one of the best ways to circulate information and ideas is to do it in a manner where the most amount of readers can achieve this information with minimal work. 

10) Improve Cognitive thinking: It is the mental process that humans use to think, read, learn, remember, reason, pay attention, and, ultimately, comprehend information and turn it into knowledge. If the main dialect for it becomes English, learning becomes easy, and you can easily learn the basics of English through these applications. 

Top 10 Android Apps to Master English Language in 2023

Here are the top 10 free Android Apps to Master English Language, perfect for anyone eager to achieve fluency in English.

1- Hello English-Most Popular English and Grammar Android App

If you are looking for an app where u can easily improve and learn English, Hello English is a place to be as it is an application that is not only used by more than 50 million users but has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews. Hello English teaches 22 different languages along with 100% free offline interactive audio-video sessions. It allows you to learn English quickly by improving your translations from languages like Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Malay, Bangladeshi Bengali, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and Nepali by aiding you in grammar and vocabulary understanding. 

Key Features of Hello English Android App

  • Learn English through Audio and Video Recognition and forget about the boring scripted lessons
  • Learn English through fun games and while reading, writing, and speaking and having an interactive session
  • Offline interactive sessions are also available to feed your needs anywhere
  • Audio dictionary of 10,000 English words to improve your knowledge.

2- Duolingo- Best Android App to Learn Languages

An app to learn and improve English alongside 40 other languages. Duolingo – Learn Languages is an app that is installed by more than 100 million users and with 4.5 stars on Google. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations and is an application that teaches users English as a primary language. It allows you to learn new vocabulary through pictorial information

Key Features of Duolingo English Android App 

  • Quick – fun, bite-sized lessons that work
  • Learn new words and improve vocabulary through illustrations and video aspects
  • Easy way to follow reading, speaking, and writing through past tests
  • Speak and hear the new language

3- BBC Learning English – English Lessons Android App

This app creates lesson plans to bring students together and teach them English. With more than 10 million downloads and nearly 4.4 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this app has tended to be one of the best student learning applications built with audio and written transcripts. Easy and free to use, you can make an account on this application and add all of your favorite programs and lesson plans to it to learn on the go. The app also constantly updates with new information and has now introduced English-My-Way for low-level learners and teachers

Key Features of the Duolingo English Lesson App

  • Download audio programs and listen to them after
  • Test yourself with English Quizzes
  • My learning portal to add your favorite applications and languages
  • Can repeat and read the transcripts while listening to the audio

4- Improve English – Best Vocabulary and Grammar Android App

Improve English is an English language learning app that helps in developing a better English vocabulary. With more than 5 million downloads and more than 4.3 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this is a free English app that helps you learn new language skills for English conversations either in written or spoken form. It starts by teaching you basic English by providing you with an English course and then helps you improve your English by increasing the difficulty level by level.

Key Features of Improve English Vocabulary App

  • Award-winning app with captivating video lessons to experience pride and excitement as you learn English with the best-in-class application
  • Bite-sized lessons for effortless learning to stay motivated and efficient with short, easy-to-learn English lessons.
  • Visual aids for lasting memory with fascinating visuals ensure you remember new words in the long term.
  • Improve English while having fun as you enjoy the thrill of playing games and witness your progress in mastering the language

5- RealLife – Live English-Speaking Android App

RealLife is a popular app to learn English that helps you speak English live to other students just like you. With more than 500K+ downloads and nearly 4.7 stars on Google Play reviews and ratings, this app teaches English conversation skills and helps you master English. With sufficient English speaking practice, this app develops your conversational  English skills gradually through new English words and phrases which is one of the best ways to improve English speaking.

Key Features of RealLife Live English App

  • Speak and learn natural English anywhere
  • English lesson with fellow students
  • Learn from thousands of advanced vocabulary present on the app
  • Learn English by conversing with natives 

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6- English Speaking Practice – Top English Conversation App

Speak English Fluently after learning English from this app. This mobile app provides you with pre-loaded English Lessons that you can listen to and practice to learn English words. With more than 10 million downloads and nearly 4.6 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this is the best app for learning English. It is a good offline English learning App that will help you learn English whenever and wherever.

Key Features of English Speaking Practice Android App

  • Beginner conversation to learn authentic English
  • Speaking and listening options to correct your pronunciation 
  • English phrases to learn proper American English
  • Practice real speaking skills

7 – Speakify AI – Best AI Learning English Android App

This Android app is the most accessible app for learning English because it contains an AI English tutor that is available on demand. With more than 100K+ downloads and nearly 4.6 starts on Google Play ratings and reviews this is one of the best English learning apps due to its versatility and ability to help improve English instantly through the AI bot

Key features of the Speakify AI Learning App

  • You can Practice Job interviews with the AI bot to improve your speaking skills for better conversations ahead
  • Everyone from any age group can enjoy the fun lessons, no need to worry about whether you’re too young or too old to learn English
  • Every Lesson has its own reward, so if u learn a lesson you get a specialized reward.
  • You can win more to improve your score on the leaderboard
  • You can always talk to the AI bot to get your feedback on how you have performed your tasks for better improvement
  • Chose from multiple real-life scenarios and with the help of the AI bot you get to learn the aspects of every context

8- Vocabulary Builder – Best English Language Android App

This is a popular app for learning English that teaches you intermediate English with GRE vocabulary game. With over 5 million downloads and 4.7 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews this English learning app offers you a way to learn English through GRE methods and prepare for its test. Powered by Magoosh this is one of the best apps to learn English grammar for academic use. 

Key Features of Vocabulary Builder Language Learning App

  • Definitions and examples sentences for every word are already present meaning easy access to new words.
  • Vocabulary sections are created to tackle all difficult, intermediate, and easy words for a better understanding
  • 1000 vocabulary words are picked and now are at your disposal by an expert GRE tutor at absolutely no price.
  • You can always track your progress with the help of the embedded tracker to keep your previous learning in check. 
  • You can compete with other players and beat levels to unlock new challenges to grow your knowledge.

9 – Learn English Vocabulary – Best English Linguistic Android App

This language-learning app improves your English by teaching you new vocabulary. This is a free English learning app that has almost 1 million downloads and almost 4.6 stars and Google Play ratings and reviews. This language app allows you to become an English language learner just by simply improving your vocabulary through the list of the best grammar and vocabs present over the internet

Key Features of English Vocabulary English Linguistic App

  • Visual demonstration through pictures may help you better learn vocabulary and memorize them for later
  • On-hand test available to check your capabilities on demand to practice excellency 
  • You can also improve your listening skills with the help of an audio analyzer which not only improves your vocabulary but also your pronunciation at the same time
  • There is no internet connection required for learning here, so if you are a traveler or someone with poor internet quality. Don’t worry you can still learn English

10 – Cake – Popular Language Learning Android App

Cake is the best English-speaking app for new users mainly from Asia. This app also houses Korean as a language but unlike other popular language-learning apps cake prefers to have separate teachers. With more than  100 million downloads and nearly 4.7 stars on Google Play ratings and reviews, this app makes English easy for those who want to learn by having various experts and therefore makes it the best free English learning app on Android. 

Key Features of Cake Language Learning App

  • With structured Mini-lessons, this time-saving app helps you learn a language or English without any hassle in your real-world experiences.
  • It provides you with a class-like experience rather than an app-like experience where you learn and Improve on real-life expressions.
  • Boost your learning with quizzes to minimalize the need for separate time to do whole exams.
  • Short and quick lessons to learn on the go, while you’re looking to invite some guests or just traveling.
  • Exclusive premium lessons and online sessions are also available at a price that may further benefit you to greater your understanding.

Now learn English Fluently

English Learning has always been a dream for everyone, these English learning apps allow you to achieve strong English Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Accent that you have always tended to improve on. Being absolutely free, and getting used by millions of users, these apps have shown a positive response from the end-users which proves the fact that these apps are indeed a growing tool that can be used on the go, or whenever you feel to learn a new language such as English!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 Android apps to learn English?

Here are the top 10 apps to learn English “Hello English, Duolingo, BBC Learning English, Improve English, RealLife, English Speaking Practice, Speakify AI, Vocabulary Builder, Learn English Vocabulary, Cake”

How can I learn English through the Android app?

You can download them and learn English through the provided lessons, transcripts, new vocabulary, and even grammar bots

What are the best apps to improve English vocabulary?

Improve English, RealLife, Vocabulary Builder, Learn English Vocabulary

Can I practice speaking with native English speakers?

You can on certain apps like Reallife, BBC Learning English, and Cake. However, not every app offers speaking directly with native English speakers

Can I use these apps offline without an internet connection?

You can use most of the app in offline mode which includes: Improve English, English Speaking Practice, Vocabulary building, and Learn English Vocabulary

Are the English learning apps free to download and use?

Most English learning apps are free, however, some may contain premium memberships to access some content

Can I learn regional variations and accents of English using these apps?

You can learn and adopt various accents from these apps; Improve English, RealLife, English Speaking Practice

Are there any apps that offer speaking practice with language tutors?

BBC Learning English, Duo Lingo, Improve English and Cake offer a number of tutors to study from

Are there any free fluently speaking apps available for Android?

Speakfy AI, Real Life, Cake, English Speaking Practice

What features should I look for in a fluently speaking app for Android?

The features you must look for are as follows: The accent must be clear and well-heard of, and the pronunciation of words must be adequate, the fluency and speed must be optimal. 

Can I practice speaking with other users in real time through these apps?

Yes, through the app RealLife.

Is the Duolingo English app suitable for beginners?

It is a bigger friendly app, with levels of intermediate and Professional use.

Can I use the Duo-lingo English app to practice speaking and listening skills?

You can use the Duo-lingo app to practice speaking and listening as it offers both visual and audio support to its students

Is the Duolingo English app suitable for kids or young learners?

As the app is bigger friendly it is suitable for kids and young leaders along with users of any age. 

Can I practice English through Duolingo’s virtual chatbots or language exercises?

Yes you can practice better vocabulary and revisit your previously done task through the help of chatbots

Can kids learn English in a fun and playful way through these English learning apps?

They can, as many apps like; Duo-lingo, English Speaking Language, Speakify AI, and Cake offer various games to enjoy while you learn English

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