Customer Survey Favors Samsung, but Apple Reigns Supreme

Customer Survey Favors Samsung, but Apple Reigns Supreme
  • Apple surpasses Samsung in customer sentiment: ACSI 2022-2023 report.
  • Google and 5G phones show slight improvements in satisfaction.
  • Motorola and the “All Others” category experience declines in scores.

Every year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) unveils its findings on Americans’ opinions about the best smartphones in the United States. Last year, both Samsung and Apple received equal scores of 80/100, reflecting the similar views of consumers.

However, according to the recently released ACSI 2022-2023 report, there has been a slight shift in consumer sentiment. Apple has managed to improve its score to 81/100, indicating that consumers believe it is doing a slightly better job. On the other hand, Samsung’s score remained the same as last year, failing to make any significant gains. This means that, officially, consumer sentiment towards Apple is now stronger than towards Samsung, at least in the US market.

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Interestingly, Google has experienced a similar increase in its score. Last year, it had a score of 77/100, which has now risen to 78/100. If Google continues this upward trend, it could potentially match Samsung’s score in the coming years.

ACSI 2022-2023 report

In contrast, Motorola has seen a significant drop in its score this year, as have other smaller players in the US market categorized as “All Others.” This category includes companies like OnePlus, TCL, Nokia, and more.

For the first time in the ACSI report, the results also indicate that satisfaction with 5G smartphones is higher compared to non-5G phones. 5G smartphones received a score of 80/100, while non-5G phones scored 72/100. This finding aligns with the fact that most smartphones purchased by Americans nowadays are capable of 5G connectivity.

The ACSI conducted this survey by polling 15,881 randomly selected customers via email between April 2022 and March 2023. To explore the complete report, you can visit the ACSI website for detailed insights and information.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is ACSI?

ACSI is an annual survey measuring opinions on smartphones and more.

Did Samsung and Apple get the same score last year?

Yes, Samsung and Apple scored almost equally in the previous year.

Any change in consumer sentiment for Apple and Samsung?

Yes, Apple improved while Samsung remained the same.

Any score increase for another company?

Yes, Google’s score increased slightly.

Are 5G phones more satisfying?

Yes, 5G phones scored higher in satisfaction.

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