Does The Stock Huawei Android Have Any Apps Pre-Installed?

Does the stock Huawei Android have any apps pre-installed?

Pre-installed Android apps are a pesky feature on Android phones that can frustrate many users. These 3rd-party apps are pre-installed on your devices and take up space in your precious storage. Huawei Android Phones are no exception, either.

These apps are frequently overloaded on midrange Huawei devices. The most frustrating part is that some brands do not allow users to uninstall these apps. Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, and others frequently use this cheap trick. 

However, there exists an OS that can be considered as a newborn baby pure of impurities. This OS is called Stock Android.

What Is Stock Huawei Android?

What is Stock Huawei Android?

A Stock Android is an OS known as “Pure Android” or “Vanilla,” meaning it’s a fresh OS without any 3rd party apps installed. This OS is only available for brands that change it according to their will. Or you can also call it an “unrefined gem” that can be refined however its owner wants it to be.

Stock Android phones often only come with system apps and Google mobile services such as the Camera app, Gallery, Google Play Store, Google Play Services, etc.

Huawei Phones Stock Android can be said to be the original Huawei OS, or Harmony OS, with its built-in apps already installed, which includes its services and other apps.

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At this time, only Google Pixel phones support Stock Android. As Google’s dearest child, it gets the best treatment as well. Google is solely responsible for all its updates and features. 

Huawei Android phones can also be equipped with the Stock Android version, but it is unorthodox, and the system is not recommended for everyday Joe. But you can change the skin and theme to a Stock Android, but it is only a gimmick, not the original thing.

Do Huawei Android Smartphones Come With Pre-Installed Apps?

Do Huawei Android smartphones come with pre-installed apps?

Huawei, just like any other smartphone manufacturer, also comes with pre-installed apps. However, there are two types of pre-installed apps to consider when talking about Huawei phones. First is the 3rd party apps, which are often like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Second, is the manufacturers of Apps or services such as Huawei Pay, Hicare, etc.

The first type of pre-installed apps can be uninstalled. However, the second type ones are quite pesky and can’t be uninstalled through normal means.

Pre-Installed Apps on Huawei Stock Android

Pre-Installed Apps on Huawei Stock Android

Aside from Pre-installed apps such as Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok, which can also be installed from Google Play Store, Huawei Android devices’ Pre-installed apps can be summarized through this list.

  1. Huawei Pay
  2. Huawei Video Player
  3. Hi Care
  4. Huawei Weather
  5. Hi search
  6. Huawei App Gallery.

These are some of the most notable pre-installed apps on Huawei Android phones. Aside from these applications, Huawei also install bloatware apps, but they do not take as much storage as Huawei’s Stock apps.

 How To Delete Pre-Installed Apps On Android?

Pre-Installed Apps on Huawei Stock Android

It would be a lie to say that pre-installed apps do not bother Android users. But thankfully, we can uninstall these apps through a few methods.

First, try to uninstall these apps as you typically uninstall any other app. Long press on the app and click on uninstall. But if the option to uninstall system apps doesn’t appear, you can go to the settings, Go to storage, click on Apps, choose the app you want to uninstall, and check whether it can be uninstalled. If it is not uninstallable, then you can only try unorthodox methods.

You can also disable these apps manually to avoid affecting your phone usage. You can do this by going to apps and selecting the app in question, clicking on “Disable,” and then selecting “Force Stop.” This would freeze the app so it won’t consume Android phone usage.

Pros & Cons Of Pre-Installed Apps

Huawei Android devices tend to have a lot of pre-installed apps, so users would like to know whether it is helpful to keep them or not. To judge the Pros And Cons of pre-installed apps is highly subjective. Some manufacturers have a great variety of apps that users deeply love. Samsung phones have already installed apps like Galaxy Store and Galaxy Widgets. It would be wrong to say that every Samsung user loves these apps, but some of them do. Even Apple includes pre-installed apps such as Apple Pay and Apple Music on their IOS. Here are some of the pros and cons of the pre-installed apps on Android devices.


  • Pre-installed apps such as Apply comes in very handy.
  • Facebook, Youtube, and Music Player apps are necessary and good additions to the OS.
  • Most of the pre-installed apps can be uninstalled.


  • Apps like Hi Care and Hi Search are just a nuisance for a user.
  • However, if such apps get overused can cause storage/usage problems.
  • But those which cannot be uninstalled often create the most significant problems.


Huawei is one of the leading Android brands both in terms of Hardware and Software. Huawei OS, the harmony OS has a feature that you can use to change its skin to the default version of Android, aka Stock Android. However, for a real Stock Android experience, you would have to either install it through unorthodox means or just buy a Google Pixel.

Huawei Stock Android version comes with a lot of Pre-installed apps, most of which are useless. The cons of Pre-installed apps outweigh their pros. Most of the populace dislikes the idea of pre-installed apps, so it would be better not to have these unwanted apps on your phone.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install stock Android on Huawei?

If you dislike the Huawei OS, Yes, you can return to the default OS by using Kirin’s new feature to change skins.

Where to download Huawei stock firmware?

You can install it from Huawei’s official customer service site.

Is stock Android faster than MIUI?

Yes, it’s much faster and smoother than MIUI.

Which companies have stock Android?

Currently, only Google provides Stock Android for its Pixel devices.

Why is stock Android better than iOS?

It provides much more freedom and the ability to customize the looks and design of the OS.

Why is Samsung better than Mi?

It is a much more reputable brand. And it is comparatively older than Mi. However, the price and market of both brands are almost similar.

Which brand sells most Android phones?

Samsung. Samsung sells the most Android phones among its competitors.

Are Samsung phones safer than Chinese phones?

Yes, as Samsung is much more reputable, it also provides better security updates for its users.

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