Effortless File Transfer: Google Drive’s Location Picker Redesigned

Effortless File Transfer: Google Drive's Location Picker Redesigned
  • Google Drive gets a UI makeover for Location Picker feature
  • Three tabs labeled “Suggested,” “Starred,” and “All locations” added
  • Available for premium subscribers and workspace users

A new revamp on Google Drive now allows you to move files even faster and more efficiently. Google Drive got a new feature update which now includes a better-than-ever ‘location picker.’ With new improvements added to this already existing feature, the file-moving work is never easier than before.

This new update includes a UI makeover of the Location Picker feature. This makeover allowed the feature to be even more efficient in its work. Google posted an update regarding this revamp on their Blogspot, where they explained how this feature works and what it is used for.

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Just like the older version, you can right-click on the file, and a menu will appear with the Move to feature. When using Drive, the three tabs labeled “Suggested,” “Starred,” and “All locations” will likely catch your eye. With the addition of the names and details of the file shows. You can see how this works in the GIF image below.

Effortless File Transfer: Google Drive's Location Picker Redesigned

With the addition of the context menu, you will also be shown whether the folder you are moving to is empty or not and some more neat accessibility features. Such as ‘View Only Folder.’

The redesigned feature is available for Google Drive premium subscribers and premium workspace users. Beware, this update does not mean a new update but a makeover of an already existing feature.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Google Drive backup?

To manage a backup on the Google Drive app, simply open the app, tap on the Menu, select “Backups,” and choose the backup you want to manage.

Does Google Drive backup all data?

Yes, Google Drive can back up all of your data as long it has enough space available.

What is Google Drive backup in WhatsApp?

Google Drive allows you to back up all your chat history and media files.

Is Google Drive backup permanent?

As long as your account remains, the backup data will be always available to you.

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