End of an Era: Lenovo Kills Off Legion Series Gaming Phones

lenovo legion Y70
  • Lenovo is discontinuing its Legion series of gaming phones due to poor sales.
  • Lenovo will not be stepping out of the gaming industry but will bring some changes and revolutionize its approach.
  • The last gaming phone released in the Legion series, the Lenovo Legion Y70, failed to perform well in sales.

Lenovo has been making gaming phones for many years. Legion was its most famous success in the mobile gaming industry. The legion series started in 2020 with the launch of its first gaming phone. Onwards, Lenovo continued to make their legion series gaming phones until now.

Folks at Android Authority called Lenovo to ask about their legion series when the rumors of it going to end started spreading. Lenovo confirmed the rumors and said they are putting an end to the legion series.

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Gaming phones of the Legion series were not well received as Lenovo had expected. The last year Lenovo legion Y70 was released in Asia and Europe but didn’t perform well in sales. 

Although Lenovo is going to end its legion series, this doesn’t mean they are going to step out of the gaming industry. Lenovo still has a lot in store for gamers. They are going to revolutionize and bring some changes to their company with this decision.

To sum up, Lenovo is ending its Legion Series of Gaming Phones due to poor sales and is making these decisions in order to potentially revolutionize its company. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legion series of gaming phones?

The Legion series is a line of gaming phones produced by Lenovo.

When did Lenovo launch its first gaming phone in the Legion series?

Lenovo launched its first gaming phone in the Legion series in 2020.

Why is Lenovo discontinuing the Legion series of gaming phones?

Lenovo is discontinuing the Legion series due to poor sales.

Which countries had access to the Lenovo Legion Y70?

The Lenovo Legion Y70 was released in Asia and Europe.

What other gaming products does Lenovo offer?

Lenovo offers gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories such as mice and keyboards.

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