10 Best Health And Fitness Apps For Android

In today’s fast-paced world, healthcare efforts can seem like an uphill battle. It is not easy to get through stressful schedules and to deal with temptations to eat junk food and stressful projects. But we’ve got you covered. We have curated a list of the 10 best health and fitness apps for Android. With the help of these apps, you can say goodbye to unhealthy eating habits and the frustration of not seeing growth.

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Can you imagine a life where health is no longer a conflict? Let’s dive in and find out how these 10 best health and fitness apps for Android are powerful enough to transform your fitness and health!

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Health And Fitness Apps For Android

8 Features To Consider When Choosing Android Fitness App

When choosing a fitness app, the most important things to consider are:

1-Set your dreams effortlessly with music: Find an app that will allow you to perfect your fitness goals, like losing weight, gaining muscle, or completing a workout, and later, have yourself examine it.

2-More workout options: Choose an app with multiple games for all workouts, such as electro-education, aerobic flexibility, yoga or HIIT, and other specialties.

3-Customize your workout routine: Look for an app that can be customized. You can create your own workout routines, vary the depth of the workout, and make adjustments as you get more fit.

4-Track your progress: The app should track your exercise, including such information as time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Provide reports and analytics to help track your progress.

5-Sync with wearable gadgets: If you have a smartwatch or health tracker, choose an app that can communicate with these gadgets. This way, you can play your game’s music as it is and get some progress out of it.

6-Diet and Nutrition Guidelines: Some apps help you sing your daily calorie intake, provide meal suggestions, or provide meal plans. If you want to adapt your weight loss plan to your workout routines, you may want to explore this option.

7-Connect with others: Look for an app to connect with a network of fitness enthusiasts. You can make progress percentages, be part of demanding situations, and connect with friends for inspiration.

8-Ease of use: A perfect app should have a simple and intuitive interface. Its direction must be smooth, engaging, and provide clear direction and game demonstration.

By considering these factors, you could select a fitness app that fits your goals, preferences, and lifestyle, supporting you to live motivated and attain your desired health consequences.

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Stay Fit With Ease: Top 10 Android Health and Fitness Apps In 2023

Following are some best fitness apps of 2023 you can choose for your fitness journey;

1- MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter App For Android

MyFitnessPal is an amazing health app that helps you achieve your vitamin, hydration, fitness, and weight loss goals. With features like meal tracking, fasting time, and expert steering, it’s like having a private vitamin teacher, trainer, and nutritionist at your fingertips. You can log meals, listen to music while fasting, report on your workouts, and accomplish your goals without any problems.

The app gives you valuable insights into your food choices, a large food database, and even connects to other apps. It’s person-pleasing, motivating, and packed with recipes and workout programs to keep you motivated.

This app has a free version, while premium features cost $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


Key Benefits Of MyFitnessPal Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Stay on track with a fitness tracker with MyFitnessPal.
  • Choose your ideal type of workout according to your body type and needs.
  • Get customized workout plans for your fitness goals.
  • Join virtual fitness classes for extra knowledge and motivation.
  • Track your calories and get recommendations about food choices according to your needs and fitness goals.

2- Fitbod Workout & Fitness App for Android Users

Fulfill your health aspirations with Fitbod! This revolutionary app creates a workout routine designed just for you, considering your strengths beyond the workout and available equipment. It enlightens you with the right sets, reps, and weights to maximize power, lose weight, and build muscle mass.

With over 400 HD Demonstration Videos, you can research new physical sports and put your workout routine to good use. Use Fitbod Achievements to track your progress and note the impact of your workouts on the body heat map.

Fitbod offers 14 days free trial. Their monthly plan cost is $12.99, but if you take the yearly plan, it will cost you $6.67 per month.


Benefits Of Fitbod Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Achieve better overall health with personalized workout plans.
  • Conquer fitness challenges with tailored routines.
  • Learn from workout videos for variety and guidance.
  • Explore a variety of fitness options for maximum results.
  • Get workout plans according to available resources and time.

3- FitOn – Best Weight Loss App For Android

FitOn offers both home and gym workout plans along with multiple demonstration videos. The app also offers personalized workout plans. You can also find guides for meditation on this app. With this app, you can do yoga and cardio in a fun way with the help of the demonstration videos of various celebrity trainers.

Achieve your personalized fitness and health goals in a fun way. Whatever you want to do, strength training, HIIT, yoga, or Pilates, this app will help you in a significant way.

The best part of this app is that it offers workout and personalized fitness plans for free. While the FitOn Pro costs $24.99 for six months or $29.99 for a year.


Benefits Of The FitOn Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Best free workout apps you’ll find on Play Store.
  • Achieve your fitness goals in whichever way you like, including Yoga and HIIT.
  • Get a wide range of fitness features for your fitness routine.
  • Achieve your fitness goals in a fun and exciting way.
  • Get demonstration videos of your favorite celebrity trainers.

4- Map My Fitness – Best Fitness Tracking App for Android Users

This incredible app by Under Armour is one of the best running apps available on Android. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned runner, this app has a lot to offer. They offer customizable running plans along with personalized coaching tips.

When you are training with Map My Fitness, you are not alone, and they have a community of over 60 million. They also do offer seamless integration with wearable devices and various fitness apps to enhance your experience in a significant way. 

The basic features in the app are free, and premium features are available for USD 5.99 per month, while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99 per year.

Map My Fitness

Benefits Of Map My Fitness App For Your Fitness Journey

  • Get a wide variety of workout plans within the app.
  • It is a fitness app to help you with personalized coaching tips.
  • Get workout plans based on your needs and fitness goals.
  • Use this app to track your fitness with seamless integration with wearable devices.
  • Get access to a community of over 60 million people just like you.

5- Strava – Best Riding and Cycling Tracking App for Android

Strava is a fitness tracking app with some social features which is widely popular. The app lets you record walking, riding, cycling, yoga, and 30 other sports type. Strava also does recommend you best routes according to your preferences and also does offer personalized routes.

The app uses data analytics to provide you with data insights about your progress. They also do offer seamless integration with various apps and wearable devices.

Strava is completely free if you want to use only basic features, while the premium features cost $7.99/month or $59.99/year.


Benefits Of The Strava App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Increase your fitness level by getting data insights about your fitness activities.
  • Get seamless integration with devices and apps.
  • Track your fitness goals on your Android phone.
  • Get the best workout experience with the community.
  • Enhance your Cycling, Riding, Running, and Walking with exciting challenges.

6- Nike Run Club – Best Running Android App

The Nike Run Club is another app that lets you track your running or walking progress. They also suggest routes and running plans according to your needs. The app has also a huge community where you can complete running challenges alongside other trainers.

This app is absolutely free of cost and does not feature any hidden charges. 

Nike Run Club

Benefits Of The Nike Run Club Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Achieve fitness goals easily with personalized plans.
  • Track progress effortlessly using a smartwatch or fitness device.
  • Connect with a supportive community for motivation.
  • Access free routes and challenges for added variety.
  • Get customizable running and walking plans according to your convenience.

7- Calm – Stress Management App For Android

The most important thing in your fitness journey is your mental health, and this app helps you with it. This helps you refocus and meditate your mind with various features available within the app, like different environmental sounds, to give you a soothing experience.

The app also does offer guided breathing exercises, body stretches, and meditation. It also does offer sleep stories for adults as well as children. The app also features short programs to help you battle Anxiety.

The Calm app offers a 7-day free trial. The app costs $69.99 annually, and if you want to pay for a lifetime at once, the cost is $399.99.


Benefits Of Calm Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Enhances mental health for better physical fitness.
  • The app is designed to provide a variety of features for relaxation and focus.
  • Offers guided exercises for breathing, stretching, and meditation.
  • Includes sleep stories for adults and children for better and more effective sleep.
  • Get relaxed with soothing sounds of different natural phenomena available within the app.

8- J&J Official 7-Minute – Best Fitness Workout App

With over 3 million lucky people internationally, the 7 Minute Workout app is scientifically proven to help you shed pounds, tone your abs, and improve your cardio. This consumer-friendly app offers short, synchronized workouts for regular people like you and me and takes only 7 minutes of time. Featuring a number of exercises, voice functionality, and beautiful design, it’s like having the perfect private health training at your fingertips.

The app is free to use.

J&J Official 7-Minute Workout

Benefits Of 7-Minute Workout App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Get exciting plans like 30 days fitness challenge.
  • Save time by doing a workout anywhere in less time.
  • Get a consumer-friendly experience.
  • Allows you to work out even with a hectic schedule.
  • Get easy to intense workout plans within one app.

9- Argus Calorie Counter Android App

No expensive gadgets are required! With a barcode scanner, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, activity tracker, video-guided workouts, sleep optimization, and a supportive social community, Argus has it all.

Track your diet, measure your heart rate, burn calories, and connect with millions of users worldwide. It’s been featured in renowned publications like USA Today and CNN. Experience personalized weight-loss plans, accurate health insights, and continuous updates. 

The Argus app is free to use but takes money for some features and offers in-app purchases.

Argus Calorie Counter Android App

Benefits Of Argus Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Track your diet, and burn calories by choosing the right diet plan.
  • Connect with millions worldwide to stay motivated during the diet.
  • Get personalized weight-loss plans according to your fitness goals and convenience.
  • Get accurate health insights and updates from all over the world.
  • Get video-guided workout plans for demonstration.

10- Google Fit – Best Activity Tracking App

Google Fit Heart Points, in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association, offers activity goals that improve your cardiovascular health. Earn points per minute of short walks, such as brisk walking, and double the stuff of extreme sports.

With real-time data and insights, you can tune into workout routines on your phone or smartwatch. Set and publish goals effortlessly, schedule activities from apps and devices, and track your rest and cardio expenditures to get a complete picture of fitness.

The app is totally free of cost.

Google Fit

Benefits Of Google Fit Android App In Your Fitness Journey

  • Get data on workouts and track progress easily on your phone or smartwatch.
  • Set and share fitness goals effortlessly, keeping you motivated.
  • Track rest and cardio expenditures for a comprehensive view of your fitness.
  • Earn points for activities like brisk walking, boosting cardiovascular fitness.
  • Get access to a huge community where people share experiences about their fitness journey.

Final Thoughts On Best Android Apps For Health And Fitness

In this fast-paced and digitized world, health and wellness can seamlessly take a back seat. However, with these top 10 best Android health and fitness apps of 2023, you can take back control of your well-being.

Why stop at improving your health and fitness when you can also improve your productivity? Check out our list of “Top 10 Must Have Android Apps For Maximum Productivity” and level up your game in every field of life.

By following workout routines, providing customized health plans, and maintaining peace of mind, these apps can keep you occupied and help you gain fitness and health at an extreme speed. So why wait for it? Move, stay motivated, and change your life with a single tap on your smartphone!

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

How do health and fitness apps work?

Health and fitness apps work by providing workout routines, tracking physical activities, and offering health-related advice to users, often using data input or integrated sensors.

Are health and fitness apps suitable for beginners?

Yes, health and fitness apps are suitable for beginners, as they provide customizable workout plans and step-by-step guidance.

Can health and fitness apps replace personal trainers?

While health and fitness apps can’t fully replace personal trainers, they provide accessible, affordable, and customizable workouts that can be an excellent supplement or alternative.

How can I choose the right health and fitness app for my goals?

To choose the right health and fitness app for your goals, consider features such as workout variety, customization, progress tracking, integration with other devices, diet and nutrition guidelines, and ease of use.

Are health and fitness apps secure and protect user data?

Most health and fitness apps ensure user data protection through encryption and adherence to privacy laws but always check an app’s privacy policy for specifics.

Can health and fitness apps integrate with other fitness devices?

Yes, many health and fitness apps can integrate with other fitness devices such as smartwatches and health trackers for a more comprehensive view of your health and fitness metrics.

Are health and fitness apps free to use?

While many health and fitness apps offer free features, premium options usually come at a cost for added benefits such as personalized plans and detailed analytics.

How often should I use health and fitness apps for optimal results?

The frequency of use for health and fitness apps depends on personal goals, but for optimal results, it’s recommended to use them regularly, ideally daily.

Can health and fitness apps provide dietary recommendations?

Some health and fitness apps do provide dietary recommendations, often based on individual goals, preferences, and dietary needs.

Do health and fitness apps track sleep patterns?

Certain health and fitness apps offer sleep-tracking features, using phone sensors or integration with wearable devices to monitor and analyze sleep patterns.

What is the size of the health and fitness apps industry?

It is quite big. The global health and fitness app industry was valued at USD 1.3 billion in 2022 and is estimated to grow significantly in upcoming years.

Which age group use health and fitness app the most?

People between 31 and 39 use fitness apps the most. According to an estimation around 41 percent of people aged between 31 and 39 use health and fitness apps in the US.

Do health and fitness apps help to stay motivated?

Yes, many fitness apps provide motivational features such as goal setting, progress tracking, community interaction, and reward systems to keep users engaged and motivated.

Which wearable device is best to track health and fitness?

Samsung galaxy watches 5 is considered to be the best wearable device to track health and fitness.

Do fitness apps offer workout plans without equipment?

Yes, many apps offer bodyweight exercises and workouts that don’t require any equipment, making them suitable for at-home fitness routines.

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