Galaxy Phones to Feature Samsung Chips Once Again

Galaxy Phones to Feature Samsung Chips Once Again
  • Samsung considers switching back to its Exynos chips for Galaxy phones.
  • Losses in the semiconductor chip market are the main reason for the change.
  • Rumors suggest that the base model Galaxy S24 will have the Exynos chip.

Samsung is doing it again. After ditching the Samsung Chips ‘Exynos’ last year for the Qualcomm Snapdragon, they are turning back to Exynos once again. As for the Reason, Their recent losses in the semiconductor chip market.

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In a meeting held between Samsung executives, Samsung Executive for semiconductors expressed his opinion regarding going back to Exynos chip once again. In a report published by Korean Media (Zdnet. co), the executive of Samsung said, “The MX unit is a key client of Samsung, striving to expand its operations with a versatile product range that caters to all Galaxy series segments. Samsung is also exploring the possibilities of a comeback.”

From the determination of Samsung Executives, it can be confirmed they are seriously going to implement this into their strategy. However, according to rumors, The change would be only coming to the base model Galaxy S24.

USA will probably have the Qualcomm snapdragon installed but Outside of it, there will probably only be Exynos models available especially European market. However, none of this is confirmed yet so there can be some changes later so let’s not jump on to the horses yet.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Exynos Chips?

Samsung makes Exynos Chips. They are manufactured in Korea by Samsung Forgery.

Which chip is better Exynos or Snapdragon?

Snapdragon is better in terms of specs but Exynos is more optimized for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Why did Samsung stop using Exynos in their Galaxy Series?

The main reason for Samsung to ditch Exynos for Snapdragon was its performance. Samsung’s biggest rival is Apple so in order to rival it, it had to step up its game.

Why is Samsung still making Exynos chips?

It’s due to Samsung already owning a semiconductor forgery, if it doesn’t utilize it, then it’s a waste of both money and time. Also, Exynos does have the potential to achieve big, but it is often overshadowed by Snapdragon.

How many executives does Samsung have?

As of now including Jong-Hee-Han Samsung have 14 executives.

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