Google Domains Bows Out, Assets Find Home in Squarespace

Google Domains Bows Out, Assets Find Home in Squarespace
  • Google Domains sold to Squarespace, ensuring a smooth transition for customers.
  • Squarespace to honor renewal fees, with no immediate impact on accounts.
  • Squarespace becomes the exclusive domain provider for Google Workspace subscribers.

In a shocking statement nowadays, Google Domains discovered its plan to wind down its operations after a transition period. The area registration business might be taken over with the aid of Squarespace, as the two businesses have entered into a definitive asset purchase settlement. Squarespace will accumulate the belongings associated with Google Domains, which include approximately 10 million domains and the hundreds of thousands of customers that use the carrier.

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Google’s decision to sell the Google Domains registrar business is a part of their attempt to streamline and focus their resources. It’s an extra favorable final result than shutting down the service without providing a guided migration course for clients.

Squarespace aims to make certain an easy transition for Google Domains clients in the coming months. With the help of the Google Domains group, Squarespace will provide an integrated revel for purchasing and handling domains, as well as presenting additional equipment to guide customers in setting up their online presence.

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Google Domains, as a website name registrar, supplied numerous capabilities along with unfastened WHOIS privacy and one-click on DNSSEC for greater safety in opposition to DNS spoofing and cache poison attacks. The service also benefited from Google’s dependable cloud infrastructure and furnished customers with an honest person interface. It stays to be visible if Squarespace will in shape the same user enjoys.

Squarespace has dedicated to honoring the present renewal expenses of Google Domains customers for at least three hundred and sixty-five days after the transaction is completed, which is expected to take place in the third region of 2023. Therefore, there will be no instantaneous effect on Google Domain’s money owed, and clients do not want to take any action presently.

Once the important approvals are obtained and the transaction is completed, you will become a purchaser of Squarespace. Squarespace will then very own and, after a transition length, manage your domain. This approach that in case you purchase a site together with your Google Workspace subscription immediately from Google for a minimum of 3 years, Squarespace will be the specific company of domains for you. Squarespace will also handle billing and guide Google Workspace clients who signed up thru Google Domains. You will nonetheless have the choice to make adjustments to your domain account on every occasion you want.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the reason behind Google’s decision to sell Google Domains?

Google aims to streamline and focus its resources, leading to the decision to sell the Google Domains registrar business.

Who will be acquiring Google Domains?

Squarespace has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire Google Domains.

What features did Google Domains offer as a domain registrar?

Google Domains provided features such as free WHOIS privacy, one-click DNSSEC for enhanced security, reliable cloud infrastructure, and a user-friendly interface.

Will Squarespace maintain the same user experience as Google Domains?

It remains to be seen if Squarespace will offer the same user experience as Google Domains.

Can customers still make changes to their domain accounts after the transition?

Yes, customers will still have the option to make changes to their domain account whenever they need to.

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