Google Drops Support for First-Gen Chromecast

Google Drops Support for First-Gen Chromecast
  • Original Chromecast support ending; no updates or assistance.
  • Second and third-gen Chromecast models are still supported.
  • First-gen Chromecast has a unique key-shaped design.

If you’re a long-time user of the original 2013 Google Chromecast, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Google has announced that it’s bringing the curtains down on support for the device, signaling that the existing firmware could be the final version for this model.

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This news has been confirmed on the official Chromecast support page, as reported by 9to5Google. The page, which usually lists the most recent firmware versions and updates for all Google’s Chromecast products, has included a new announcement:

The first-generation Chromecast will no longer be supported, meaning we won’t be providing any software or security updates or technical assistance. Users could experience a drop in performance.

The original Chromecast operates on version 1.36.159268, and it received its last upgrade, inclusive of the usual improvements and bug fixes, in the previous November.

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Given its impressive ten-year lifespan, it’s reasonable that Google would phase out this first-gen device. The company has a broad range of alternatives on offer, including the Chromecast with Google TV in both 4K and HD versions, which are the most recent additions to the lineup.

Of course, there are many other streaming devices available on the market for those who are budget-conscious or willing to splurge. And for those who are fans of Chromecast, the second and third-gen models are still receiving support for at least another year or so, as Google is only discontinuing support for the first model.

The first-gen Chromecast is unique as it’s the only one with a distinctive key-shaped design. It features an HDMI port on one end, and the other end resembles the Chrome icon. Subsequent models have a round design.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Is Google ending support for the original 2013 Chromecast?

Yes, Google is ending support for the first-generation Chromecast.

What does the end of support mean for the original Chromecast?

It means no more software or security updates, technical assistance, and potential performance issues.

What was the last firmware version of the original Chromecast?

The last firmware version was 1.36.159268, released in November.

Why is Google phasing out the first-generation Chromecast?

Google is phasing it out due to its ten-year lifespan and offers newer alternatives.

Are the second and third-generation Chromecast models still supported?

Yes, the second and third-generation models will receive support for about another year.

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