Google Faces India’s Wrath for Antitrust Violations

Google Faces India's Wrath for Antitrust Violations
  • Indian govt. to act against Google for antitrust breaches.
  • Google fined $275M for Android dominance and in-app payment system.
  • Govt. aims to safeguard the digital economy, and ensure fair competition.

The Indian government plans to take action against Google following an antitrust watchdog’s finding of the company’s abusive market practices. The watchdog fined Google $275 million for leveraging its dominance in the Android market and compelling developers to use its in-app payment system.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a senior IT minister, expressed concern over these findings and stated that the government would take necessary action in the coming weeks.

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“The ministry has to take action,” Chandrasekhar said. “We have thought through it. You will see it in the coming weeks. Certainly, it’s not something that we will leave and push under the carpet.”

Chandrasekhar, who is one of the highest-ranking officials in the Indian government, said the “issue is worrisome, not just for us, it’s worrisome for the entire digital ecosystem in India”.

When asked about if there will be any talks with Google about the issue he said “There is no need for any discussion. There is a finding of a court.”

Although the specific regulatory measures were not disclosed, the minister emphasized the gravity of the issue for India’s digital ecosystem. Google did not comment on the minister’s remarks. Meanwhile, tensions have been growing between Indian companies and Google, with the competition watchdog initiating another inquiry into the company’s practices. Apple and Amazon also face potential cases of anti-competitive behavior in India. The government aims to safeguard the digital economy and ensure fair competition by preventing market abuse.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Why is the Indian government taking action against Google?

Due to Google’s antitrust breaches and abusive market practices, the Indian government is pursuing action.

What fine did the Indian antitrust watchdog impose on Google?

Google was fined $275 million by the Indian antitrust watchdog for its anticompetitive practices.

What is the IT minister’s stance on the issue?

The IT minister expressed concern and affirmed that the government will take necessary action to address the antitrust breaches.

What is the government’s objective in taking action against Google and others?

The government aims to safeguard the digital economy, ensure fair competition, and prevent market abuse by taking action against Google and potentially other companies.

Are there ongoing investigations against other tech giants?

Yes, the competition watchdog is investigating Google, while Apple and Amazon also face potential cases of anti-competitive behavior in India. The government is actively addressing these concerns.

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