Google Maps Reunites with Android Auto Screens

Google Maps Reunites with Android Auto Screens
  • Google Maps update enables simultaneous use on smartphones and car displays.
  • The feature was mistakenly removed but has now been reintroduced.
  • Some users may still need to wait for the feature to reach their devices.

Exciting news for drivers! Google Maps has launched a replacement that reintroduces a previous function, allowing customers to use the app on both their smartphones and automobile presentations simultaneously. This feature was first of all introduced to the app in advance of this year but became mistakenly considered a worm and was removed in a subsequent replacement. It took Google numerous months to understand that this “trojan horse” become genuinely a useful feature that should have been available for Android Auto customers long ago.

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Recent reports from Reddit users (via Android Police) propose that Google Maps users can now enjoy the app on each Android Auto and their Android smartphones. However, if you’re nevertheless seeing the message your smartphone can’t show Google Maps at the same time as Android Auto is walking in a manner that the feature hasn’t reached your tool. The reason behind Google’s selection to restrict the simultaneous utilization of Maps on Android Auto and Android phones remains unclear, however, it might be related to protection worries.

As many of you are in all likelihood conscious, Android Auto affords minimum facts on the auto show, which include turn-by-way of-flip navigation, final distance, and track controls. Google intended for Android Auto users to recognition on riding in place of being distracted by way of the show. On the other hand, the use of Google Maps on an Android cellphone offers greater distinctive statistics, requiring more interest from the driving force.

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This could have been one of the motives why Google to begin with disallowed the simultaneous use of Google Maps on both Android Auto and Android telephones. However, plainly hunt large has diagnosed the potential benefit of allowing drivers to make use of navigation assistance from each of their automobile shows and smartphones, and for this reason, the latest trade.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the latest update from Google Maps?

The latest update allows users to use the app on both their smartphones and car displays simultaneously.

Wasn’t this feature removed earlier? Why is it back now?

Yes, the feature was mistakenly considered a bug and removed. However, Google realized its usefulness and decided to bring it back for Android Auto users.

Can all Google Maps users use this feature now?

Not yet. The feature might not have reached all devices. If you still see the message “Your phone can’t display Google Maps while Android Auto is running,” it means it’s not available on your device.

Why did Google restrict the simultaneous use of Maps on Android Auto and Android phones in the first place?

The exact reason is unclear, but it might be related to safety concerns and wanting drivers to focus on the minimal information displayed on car screens.

What’s the difference between Android Auto and using Google Maps on an Android phone?

Android Auto provides minimal information on the car display for driving focus, while Google Maps on a phone offers more detailed information requiring more attention.

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