Google Pixel 7a’s Clever Upgrade unlocked Smart Vibrations

Google Pixel 7a's Clever Upgrade unlocked Smart Vibrations
  • Google Pixel 7a: Flagship smartphone with unique features.
  • Smart vibrations: Customizable alerts when the phone is face-up.
  • Pixel 7a Availability: Best Buy, Amazon, and carriers offer deals.

One of the most interesting devices released this year is the Google Pixel 7a which has been the talk of the town even before it was released. The device is applauded by many for the unique features it offers to users. Many suggest that it is not only heading toe to toe with its predecessor Pixel 7 but in many ways goes beyond it.

Along with beautiful cameras and a wonderful processor, the flagship phone is also offering software upgrades that really shine. One of these upgrades is about smart vibrations. A new vibrating alert has been spotted in the settings of Adaptive alert vibration. When the phone will be facing up and laying still it will allow users to set a new behavior for vibrating alerts.

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These settings were spotted by Android Police when they were reviewing the support document of Pixel 7a. This new setting will allow users to customize the strength of incoming vibration alerts when the phone is facing up. In short, when the phone will be placed on a desk facing up it will not use the default vibration which can reduce unwanted attention.

You can access this setting in Pixel 7a by heading toward the setting menu and then jumping to the Sound and Vibrations setting where you can access the toggle for the Vibration and Haptics section.

Currently, there is one minor limitation: the ability to customize vibration strength is not available. However, this initial implementation is a positive step forward. In most cases, when our phone is within reach, we tend to rely on on-screen notifications and may not require an intense vibration. While the specific technology employed by Google remains uncertain, it is likely that they utilize the front proximity sensor and accelerometer to determine if the phone is stationary and face-up. Even if this setting is enabled, you will still receive full vibration alerts while walking around, ensuring that you never miss important calls or texts.

It remains unknown whether this feature will extend to other Pixel smartphones, but optimism remains. The Pixel 7a, which was recently unveiled at Google I/O 2023, is already available in stores. Positioned as a mid-range device, it stands as one of the finest options within its price range, possibly earning the title of the best affordable Android smartphone in 2023. At present, leading retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are offering enticing deals for the Pixel 7a, including a $50 gift card with purchase. Additionally, wireless carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and ATT also carry the device.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the Google Pixel 7a?

The Google Pixel 7a is a flagship smartphone with unique features and upgrades.

What are the standout features of the Google Pixel 7a?

The Google Pixel 7a has impressive cameras, a powerful processor, and customizable smart vibrations.

How can I access the smart vibrations setting on the Pixel 7a?

To access smart vibrations on the Pixel 7a, go to Settings > Sound and Vibrations > Vibration and Haptics.

Can I customize the strength of vibration alerts on the Pixel 7a?

Currently, vibration strength customization is not available on the Pixel 7a.

How do the smart vibrations feature work on the Pixel 7a?

The smart vibrations feature uses sensors to reduce attention by not vibrating when the phone is face-up on a desk.

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