Google Pixel 8 Falls Short on Wireless Charging Enhancement

Pixel 8 Falls Short on Wireless Charging Enhancement
  • Google Pixel 8 wireless charging: Qi standard, up to 12W power.
  • Pixel 8 Pro may support faster wireless charging.
  • Expected launch in September-October timeframe.

The Google Pixel 8 isn’t predicted to launch until later this year, but it seems the smartphone has already cleared an important regulatory approval. This development comes from an update on the WPC’s website, which has shared some key wireless charging details for the handset.

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According to the information provided by the regulatory authority (sourced from 9to5 Google), the Pixel 8, model GKWS6 to be precise, will stick to the Qi wireless charging standard. It can handle up to 12W of power, which matches the highest wattage supported by non-Google chargers for current Pixel models. It’s worth mentioning that Google’s own Pixel Stand (2nd generation) can push up to 20W for the Pixel 7 and 23W for the Pixel 7 Pro. It’s likely Google will maintain this difference in the upcoming range.

Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t shed light on any other aspects of the phone. While the picture featured is not that of the Pixel 8, previous leaks give us a decent hint of what the new series might look like. There’s no information available yet about the Pixel 8 Pro, but it’s possible that this high-end variant could support faster wireless charging.

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Given Google’s tradition of announcing new models in the September-October timeframe, we’re sure to hear more rumors and speculations in the months leading up to the Pixel 8 series launch.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

When is the expected launch date of Google Pixel 8 ?

The launch date for the Google Pixel 8 is not yet confirmed but it is expected to be launched in Octorber.

What regulatory approval has the Google Pixel 8 received?

The Google Pixel 8 has cleared an important regulatory approval from the WPC.

What wireless charging standard does the Google Pixel 8 support?

The Google Pixel 8 supports the Qi wireless charging standard.

What is the maximum power capacity for wireless charging on the Google Pixel 8?

The Google Pixel 8 can handle up to 12W of power for wireless charging.

Are there any other details available about the Google Pixel 8 from the regulatory listing?

No other specific details about the Google Pixel 8 are mentioned in the regulatory listing.

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