Google Pixel Tab Price and Specs leaked ahead of its release

Google Pixel Tab Price and Specs leaked ahead of its release
  • Google may soon release Pixel Tabs with new colors Porcelain and Haze.
  • Pixel Tabs will have 128GB or 256GB storage and a price range of $657 to $712 USD.
  • A charging dock for the Pixel Tabs briefly appeared on Amazon for $129.

Google has been working on its Pixel Tabs for a long time now. We have been hearing rumors and speculations for months now. Now with Google I/O on the verge, There were finally some updates regarding its price and specs.

A Twitter tipster Roland Quandt tweeted on his Twitter account regarding the leaks and suggested what could be in store for us. Although the tweet didn’t reveal too much but at least now there is a certain direction in our minds regarding Pixel Tabs.

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Quandt mentioned that aside from the basic colors of Google, that is, Black and White, there could be two brand-new colors. One of them is ‘Porcelain,’ and the other is Haze. Now there are a lot of shades available for these colors, so we don’t specifically know which one it would be yet.

What we do know is that the Pixel Tabs would have 2 Storage Options. 128 GB and 256 GB. Now you might be wondering, isn’t that too low for a tab? Well, yes, but no. Even Apple’s non-pro iPad lineage has the same if not less amount of storage than Google Pixel Tabs.

We also now know the price range for these new Tabs. Quandt Tweet also mentioned that the price range could be anywhere between 600 to 650 euros, which is around 657 to 712 USD.

Google Standalone Charging Dock

Google Standalone Charging Dock

There was another particular incident that showed us the new Google Standalone Speaker Charging Dock for Pixel Tab pricing and looks. For the short time that it was listed on Amazon, its price was revealed to be 129 dollars retail. Now this is a bit on the pricier side, but as it was removed shortly after, there is still no confirmation.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google making a Pixel Tablet?

While Google first previewed its tablet at the 2022 I/O event, consumers will have to wait until June 2023 to get their hands on the new device.

What are the Specs of the Google Pixel Tablet?

Pixel Tab would have 2 color variants, Porcelain and Haze. It would also have 2 storage options, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Is Google Pixel a good brand for tablets?

While Google is a newcomer to the world of tablets, its excellent reputation in the Android world suggests that we can expect high-quality tablets from them.

Pixel Tab vs. iPad, which one is better?

Both have their pros and cons. But Google Pixel is better in terms of pricing and customizability on the other hand, iPad is better in specs and its OS.

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