Google purges inactive accounts after 2 years

Google purges inactive accounts after 2 years
  • Google deletes inactive accounts after 2 years for enhanced security.
  • Multiple notifications were sent prior to deletion. Business/school accounts are exempt.
  • The minimal activity required to maintain an active account. Risks include unauthorized access and spam.

Google has announced that it will delete inactive user accounts that have not been accessed for two years, as part of its efforts to enhance security measures. The account deletion process will begin in December of this year, and it will also involve the removal of content stored in Google Workspace, YouTube, and Google Photos.

To ensure users are aware of the impending account deletion, Google will send multiple notifications leading up to the deletion date. Initially, accounts that were created but never used again will be targeted. However, this inactivity policy will not apply to business accounts or those used by schools.

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To maintain an active account, minimal activity is required, such as reading or sending an email, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video, downloading an app from the Google Play Store, signing in to a third-party app or service with a Google account, or conducting a Google search while signed in.

Google’s primary motivation behind this move is to address security concerns associated with dormant accounts. Abandoned accounts are significantly more vulnerable to unauthorized access and are less likely to have important security measures, such as 2-step verification, in place. By deleting these dormant accounts, Google aims to minimize the potential risks, including identity theft and the dissemination of unwanted or malicious content like spam.

While Google has not specified its plans for the usernames associated with deleted accounts, this initiative aligns with similar actions taken by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who recently announced plans to remove inactive accounts and recycle usernames.

In summary, Google is implementing an account deletion policy to strengthen security for its vast user base. Inactive accounts that have not been used for two years will be deleted, along with the content stored in associated services. The company will send notifications before the deletion process begins, and the policy will not affect business or school accounts. Maintaining an active account requires minimal activity, and Google’s goal is to address the security risks posed by dormant accounts. The fate of usernames after deletion has not been disclosed.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Which accounts will Google delete?

Google will delete inactive accounts not accessed for two years.

When does the deletion process start?

The deletion process begins in December.

Which services are affected?

Google Workspace, YouTube, and Google Photos content will be removed.

Will users be notified before deletion?

Yes, Google will send prior notifications.

Are business or school accounts affected?

No, the policy excludes business and school accounts.

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