Google Securing Apps through Bounty for Bug Hunters

Google Securing Apps through Bounty for Bug Hunters
  • Google rewards reporting vulnerabilities in Android apps.
  • Rewards vary based on severity, app tier, and impact.
  • Promptly report critical vulnerabilities for compensation.

While it’s possible to use Android without Google apps by opting for a custom ROM without them, the functionality they provide is essential and forms the foundation of numerous features on our smartphones.

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Consequently, just like a vulnerability in Android could cause significant issues, a vulnerability in one of Google’s core apps and services could also lead to a troublesome situation. To address this, Google has recently introduced an enticing bounty program, encouraging individuals to identify and report any vulnerabilities they discover within the company’s apps.

The newly unveiled program, known as the Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP), specifically focuses on Google’s Android apps. It ensures that anyone who happens to stumble upon a critical issue that Google doesn’t want malicious actors to exploit will be duly rewarded. While Google already had a similar program in place for Android itself and its open-source apps, it has now extended it to encompass the apps that hold the highest priority for the company. The amount of the reward varies based on the severity of the reported issue, the app it affects, and the tier to which the app belongs.

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The prize amount is contingent upon the tier and severity of the reported vulnerability. Discovering a vulnerability in a tier 1 app(like Google Play Services, Google Cloud, Google Chrome, Gmail, Chrome Remote Desktop, and the Google app) that permits remote arbitrary code execution will earn you an impressive $30,000. Similarly severe issues found in tier 2 apps(first-party apps that interact with tier 1 apps) qualify for a reward of $25,000, while tier 3 apps (apps that neither interact with Google services nor handle user data) warrant $20,000. Subsequently, the prize diminishes as the severity of the vulnerability decreases. For instance, identifying a vulnerability that enables network-based attacks on a tier 3 app will earn you a modest $500.

If you happen to uncover a critical vulnerability, be sure to promptly inform Google, and the company will duly compensate you for your efforts.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the VRP introduced by Google?

Google’s VRP is a program that rewards individuals for reporting vulnerabilities in their Android apps.

Which apps do the VRP focus on?

The VRP focuses on Google’s Android apps, including tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 apps.

How are the rewards determined in the VRP?

Rewards in the VRP are based on the severity of the reported issue, the app it affects, and the app’s tier.

What kind of vulnerabilities are eligible for rewards?

Vulnerabilities eligible for rewards are those that could lead to critical issues, such as remote code execution or network-based attacks.

How do I report a critical vulnerability to Google?

To report a critical vulnerability, follow Google’s guidelines and report it through their Security Rewards Program website.

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