Google’s Bizarre Move: Uninstall Meet, Get Meet

Google's Bizarre Move: Uninstall Meet, Get Meet
  • Google wants users to uninstall old Google Meet to use the new version.
  • Notifications are prompting users to uninstall the old app before joining meetings.
  • Google previously merged Hangouts Meet with Google Dou to create the new Meet.

It is no longer a secret that Google is always coming out with confusing messages to warn its users. This time it was no different. Google is supposedly asking the users of Meet to uninstall Meet to get the new Meet. If this is not confusing enough, I don’t know what is enough.

According to Tweet from a user Munsif Vengattil, It could be seen that Google is not allowing users to join Meet without uninstalling Meet.

This is getting even more confusing. To clear up the confusion, let’s look at the history of Google Meet.

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The original Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet, was the only Meet back in the day. Later Google decided to Merge Hangouts Meet with Google Dou to make a new Meet. The original Meet and new Meet Coexisted Peacefully.

On an unfateful night, Google decided to lay waste to yet another of its inventions. After the recent death of Google+, it’s time to bid farewell to Google Hangouts Meet as well. Read how Google killed Google+ here, “Google+ officially shut down, marking the end of an era

Google is now calling its users to Uninstall the Meet (Hangouts Meet) to install the new Meet (Dous Meet). Did you get it? This was pretty confusing even for us, but we hope it cleared your misconception regarding this odd request from Google.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Meet better than Zoom?

Although both of them are very similar and have the same features, Zoom takes the win in popularity.

How long can Google Meet last?

A one-on-one call can last for 24 hours, while a Group call lasts up to 1 hour only.

Do I need to download Google Meet?

No, You don’t need to download Google Meet. It’s available on the Internet for free.

How much is Google Meet per month?

Get your team on board with G Suite starting from $6/month per user with the Business Starter plan, $12/month per user with the Business Standard plan, or $18/month per user with the Business Plus plan.

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