How To Add Korean Keyboard On Android

Some people find themself lost in translation when trying to communicate in Korean on Android devices. They’re not alone. So, why not bridge this language barrier once and for all?

Delve into the enchanting world of Hangul (Korean script) as we navigate the seemingly complex but confusing yet actually quite simple process of adding a Korean keyboard to your Android smartphone.

Can a few clicks and scrolls open up a whole new world of communication for you? Let’s find out together. Don’t worry; no tech wizardry is required!

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Method 1: Using The Built-In Keyboard Settings

You can follow these simple steps to set up the Korean language on your Android device:

  1. Open your Android’s “Settings” app. It’s usually found in your app drawer or by swiping down from the top and tapping the gear symbol.
  2. Tap on “System” or “General Management.” The exact name varies based on the device and its Android version.
  3. Find and tap on “Language & Input” or “Language & Keyboard.”
  4. In the settings, find “Add Language” or “Language Preferences” and tap it.
  5. Browse through the language list to find “Korean.” Select it.
  6. Choose a keyboard layout that fits your needs. If you’re unsure, go with the default.
  7. Exit the settings. The Korean keyboard is now set and ready for use.

To switch to the Korean keyboard while typing, you can swipe down the notification shade and tap the keyboard icon to switch between keyboards. B. Long-press the spacebar and choose the Korean keyboard from the list.

That’s it! Your Android device is now equipped to type in Korean.

Method 2: Using The Google Korean Input Method

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Android Settings app and tap on “System.”
  2. Select “Language & input” or “Language & keyboard.
  3. Under the “Keyboards & input methods,” tap on “Virtual keyboard.” Hit “Manage keyboards” and look for “Google Korean Input,” then flip the switch to turn it on.
  4. You might see a popup about data usage. Just hit “OK.”
  5. Return to the “Virtual keyboard” and tap on “Google Korean Input” to personalize it, like adjusting the sound of the keys.
  6. When you need to type in Korean, tap the keyboard icon or swipe the space bar until “Korean” shows up.

Enjoy typing in Korean with Google’s Korean Input Method.

Method 3: Installing A Third-Party Keyboard App

There is a huge variety of keyboard apps available on Android which supports not only Korean but also many other languages. Using a third-party app can be a good option to add the Korean language to your Android device screen.

  • Firstly, head over to the Google Play Store and download a keyboard app that supports multiple languages, including Korean. Once you’ve installed the app, navigate to the settings menu on your device.
  • Look for the “Language & Input” section and select the keyboard app you just downloaded to set it as your primary way to type.
  • After this, you’ll be able to shift to the Korean language whenever you want by just tapping on the globe icon present on your new keyboard.

This way, you can type in Korean easily and quickly. Remember, the keyboard apps offer various languages, so you’ve got more settings and plenty of choices.

Top 5 Best Korean Language Keyboards For Android

Following are 5 of the best third-party keyboard apps which you can install and use to add the Korean language to your Android device:

1-Gboard By Google

Gboard is an advanced keyboard app, packed with Google Keyboard’s best features plus extras. It’s fast and stable, with Glide Typing for easy text input and Voice typing for hands-free use. Handwriting recognition allows print or cursive writing.

It also includes an Emoji Search function, GIF-sharing, multi-language support, and Google Translate integration. Ideal for both smartphones and smartwatches, Gboard provides a consistent and customizable typing experience.

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

2-Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

SwiftKey from Microsoft is a smart keyboard designed to learn and adjust to the way you write, ensuring quicker and more precise typing. It offers two convenient ways of typing – you can either swipe your finger across letters or tap them individually. Its AI-driven spell check and autocorrect functions make typing a breeze. SwiftKey not only provides a vast selection of emojis, GIFs, and stickers for self-expression, but it also learns to predict the emoticons you love using in different chats.

With over 100 vibrant themes and the flexibility to design your keyboard layout, SwiftKey makes it fun to customize your typing environment. It supports a staggering 700 languages, making it an accessible and dependable keyboard powered by AI for everyone.

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

3-Naver SmartBoard – Keyboard

Naver SmartBoard is a dynamic keyboard app packed with features to improve your typing experience. As you use it more, it learns from you, suggesting words, fixing typos, and even offering emojis. You can set up custom texts for rapidly typing lengthy phrases and assign your preferred abbreviations to Quick Keys for easy access. The default keyboard app also accommodates voice input and has the unique feature of turning Korean syllables into Chinese characters.

Without leaving your chat, you can look up information, get instant translations, and let your personality shine with stickers, gifs, and your personal sketches. The SmartBoard can be made truly yours, with options to customize keyboard setups and backgrounds.

Naver SmartBoard - Keyboard

4-Korean Keyboard with English By Nenosoft Technologies

Korean Keyboard with English offers an unparalleled typing experience for Android users, thanks to its innovative integration by Nenosoft technologies. This high-tech keyboard for phones is equipped with various features, such as a built-in dictionary for storing often-used words, a collection of attractive Korean fonts, and a smooth English-to-Korean translation feature.

This keyboard stands out with its ability to support multiple languages and its easy-to-use gesture typing, ensuring speedy and precise text entry. It puts a high emphasis on user privacy by promising to safeguard all personal data and typed content.

Moreover, users can jazz up their keyboard to their liking with a variety of themes, stickers, and Emojis and even choose their own background images. The Korean Keyboard with English offers some in-app purchases, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per item.

Korean Keyboard with English By Nenosoft Technologies

5-Korean keyboard 2020: Hangul T

The Hangul Keyboard, also known as the Korean Keyboard 2020, provides a swift, precise, and intuitive typing experience in Korean. It presents a user-friendly layout adorned with elegant Korean typefaces, enabling comfortable typing in both the English and Korean alphabets. The keyboard application comes packed with an assortment of themes, boasting vibrant Korean text styles and an extensive collection of emojis. This adds a fun element while interacting with pals.

A standout feature is its effortless transition between Korean and English, a boon for those regularly toggling between the two languages. In essence, the Korean Keyboard 2020 is a comprehensive and intuitive app that simplifies typing in Korean.

Korean keyboard 2020 Hangul T

In Conclusion: FAQs And Final Insights

Unraveling the Korean language on your Android phone or device doesn’t have to be daunting. With a few taps and scrolls, you can journey through Hangul using your built-in keyboard settings, Google’s Korean input method, or a multitude of third-party keyboard apps. Now, those frustrating language barriers are replaced with bridges of understanding. Indeed, your Android device becomes a key, unlocking an enchanting world of Korean communication as easily as saying “안녕하세요” (hello). Be bold and make your smartphone genuinely global, breaking boundaries, one character at a time.

How can I add the Korean language to my Android device using the built-in keyboard settings?

Go to “Add Language” or “Language Preferences,” find and select “Korean,” and choose a suitable keyboard layout.

How do I switch to the Korean keyboard while typing?

You can either swipe down the notification shade and tap the keyboard icon or long-press the spacebar and select the Korean keyboard.

What is the Google Korean Input method?

It is a method provided by Google that allows you to type in Korean using their keyboard app.

Can I adjust the sound of the keys on the Google Korean Input method?

Yes, you can personalize the keyboard settings, including adjusting the sound of the keys.

What are some advantages of using the Google Korean Input method?

It offers quick and precise typing, supports voice input, provides emoji and GIF options, and integrates with Google Translate.

Are third-party keyboard apps safe to use?

Most reputable keyboard apps prioritize user privacy and employ security measures. However, it’s recommended to read reviews and check permissions before installing any app.

Can I customize the keyboard layout and design with third-party apps?

Yes, many third-party keyboard apps offer customization options, including different themes, layouts, and background images.

Do I need to pay for third-party keyboard apps?

While some keyboard apps offer in-app purchases for premium features, many basic functionalities are available for free.

How can I switch between Korean and English while using a third-party keyboard app?

Most third-party keyboard apps provide a language toggle button or allow you to swipe on the spacebar to switch between languages.

Which third-party keyboard app is recommended for a wide variety of languages, including Korean?

Gboard by Google and Microsoft SwiftKey AI are among the top recommendations.

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