How To Change Mov To Mp4 On Android

Imagine you captured an important moment only to find that it is in MOV format. In the digital whirlpool of videos, formats can puzzle us. But what if you could easily change that same MOV video to .MP4 without the need for a computer? Yes, it’s not difficult to bypass this digital restriction.

This piece is your compass, guiding you through simple steps to convert your MOV files to MP4. So, are you ready to explore how you can make this magic happen in Android? Let’s start!

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Mobile Magic: Converting MOV Files To MP4 On Android

Turning MOV files into MP4 on an Android phone can be incredibly handy. While the conversion process might vary based on the app used, the reasons for doing it stay the same.

Better Compatibility: MP4 is a video format that most devices and software can read, unlike MOV, which is mainly used by Apple. By changing MOV into MP4, you make sure that your videos can be seen and shared easily on a variety of gadgets and platforms.

Easy Sharing and Streaming: MP4 is favored by social media and video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others. Changing MOV videos into MP4 lets you upload and share them smoothly across the internet.

Editing Made Simple: Most video editing tools support MP4. When you turn MOV into MP4, editing becomes a breeze with popular software like Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie, letting you tweak your videos exactly how you want.

Save Space: MP4 files are often smaller than MOV files because they use a more efficient compression method. By changing MOV into MP4, you can keep the video quality high while saving valuable storage space.

Wide Range of Uses: MP4 files are versatile. You can play them on media players, use them on websites, or in presentations. Changing MOV into MP4 lets you use your videos in many more ways.

So, changing MOV to MP4 on your Android not only ensures your videos can be seen on various devices but also makes sharing and editing easier, helps save storage, and lets you use your videos in more ways. It’s a smart way to avoid format issues and ensure your videos can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

How To Convert MOV File To Any Video Format On Android Devices

You can follow the following simple and easy steps to change your MOV files format:

1-Grab a suitable video converter Android app: Head to Google Play Store on your Android and search for video converter apps. Pick one that is highly rated and meets your needs.

2-Run the app: Tap the icon of the app to open the installed app.

3-Locate your MOV file: Look for an option to add or select a file within the app. Tap it, then navigate to your MOV file and select it.

4-Choose your preferred format: The app will prompt you to pick an output format after you’ve chosen the MOV file. Pick your desired format, like MP4.

5-Adjust the video and audio settings: Some apps offer the ability to adjust things like resolution, bitrate, or quality. You can skip this if you are good to go with default settings.

6-Initiate the conversion: Find and tap a “Start” or “Convert” button to initiate the conversion.

7-Wait: Conversion can take a while, depending on the file size of your MOV file and your device’s speed. Just wait until the progress bar reaches 100%.

8-Find your now converted file or video: Once it’s done, the app will store the new video file in a specific location. You can usually find it either within the app or in the location you set during the conversion.

That’s it – you’ve changed the format of your MOV file on your Android device! Now you can use your new video file as you like.

Top 5 Video Converters For Android In 2023

Following are 5 of the best video converters available on the Google play store;

1-Video Converter, Compressor By Inverse.AI

Inverse.AI offers a straightforward tool for all your video needs. It supports many formats, like MP4, MKV, and AVI. You can adjust video details, combine audio-video files, and even trim them accurately. With the ability to process multiple files, it saves time and ensures top-quality output by leveraging FFmpeg’s open-source code.

Although this app is free to use but it does offer in-app purchases ranging between $0.99 – $19.99 per item.

Video Coverter, Compressor by Inverse.AI

2-All Video Converter – mp3, mp4 By Highdea Apps Studio

Highdea Apps Studio’s ‘All Video Converter – mp3, mp4’ is a really handy tool that can change videos into lots of different formats. You can work with HD video, web-based HTML5 video, as well as WMV, MKV, AVI, MP4, and MOV formats. You can change the size and look of the video and also get audio and video from other files. It’s great because it works quickly and gives top-quality results.

The design of the app is easy to use, and it clearly shows all the details about the video. Plus, you can keep any changes you make to the video right inside the app. Even though the app doesn’t cost anything, you can choose to buy extra features that cost between 99 cents and nearly 12 dollars each.

All Video Converter - mp3, mp4 By Highdea Apps studio

3-Video Converter-ConverterBlack By Technozer Solution

Technozer Solution’s ConverterBlack Video Converter is a multipurpose media converter tool that simplifies the process of converting videos in many formats. These formats include MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MTS, MPEG, MPG, WMV, M4V, and VOB. It changes them into MP3 and other audio formats with ease. It’s also packed with helpful features like the ability to trim and cut video clips, combine audio tracks, and extract songs from high-definition videos.

A built-in video compression function is also present to help reduce video sizes without compromising on their quality. The software’s intuitive design and broad array of capabilities make ConverterBlack a handy tool for all your video conversion tasks.

Video Converter-ConverterBlack By Technozer Solution

4-Video Converter By VidSoftLab

VidSoftLab’s Video Converter is a complete video editing solution that lets you effortlessly convert, shrink, and refine your videos. It’s compatible with numerous formats and devices and enables mass processing along with the adjustment of output resolution, frame rate, and sound settings.

Moreover, it delivers basic editing tools like combining, cutting, reversing, and spinning videos. The software stands out due to its speedy conversions, top-notch final quality, and effective video size reduction features. For those in need of a pro-level video converter tool, compressor, slicer, cutter, and combiner, this app is a solid pick. In-app items cost $4.99 each.

Video Converter By VidSoftLab

5-Video Converter, Video Editor By Vidsoftech

Vidsoftech’s Video Converter and Editor is a straightforward, all-in-one tool for video editing. Users can: convert videos, combine, trim, and compress videos, apply filters, and rotate clips. It even supports 4K video editing. You can customize video quality, frame speed, and sound settings. The app has a friendly interface and multilingual support and saves projects to devise storage. Extra features are available through in-app purchases.

Video Converter, Video Editor By Vidsoftech

Final Words And Most Asked Questions

Stepping into the digital world of video conversion isn’t rocket science! With the right guide and app, you can effortlessly change your MOV files to MP4 on your various Android devices, ensuring compatibility, easier sharing, editing, and more. So go ahead, take control of your video files, make them universally accessible, and never miss out on sharing your memorable moments. After all, isn’t that what technology is for? To make our lives simpler and our stories easier to share.

Why should I convert MOV files to MP4 on Android?

MP4 offers better compatibility and easier sharing on various devices and platforms.

How can I convert MOV files to MP4 on Android?

Install a video converter app, select the MOV file, choose MP4 as the output format, and initiate the conversion process.

Can I edit the converted MP4 videos on Android?

Yes, most video editing tools on Android support MP4 format for further adjustments.

Will converting MOV to MP4 affect video quality?

The impact on quality is minimal if appropriate settings are chosen during conversion.

Can I convert multiple MOV files to MP4 simultaneously?

Yes, many apps allow batch processing to convert multiple files at once.

How long does the conversion process take?

The duration depends on the file size and device speed.

Can I convert videos to other formats besides MP4?

Yes, many apps support multiple output formats, providing flexibility.

Are there any limitations on file size for conversion?

App-dependent, but many apps handle files of various sizes.

Can I convert videos stored in cloud storage?

Some apps may support accessing videos from cloud storage for conversion.

Can I convert videos without losing audio quality?

Yes, you can maintain audio quality during the conversion process.

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