How To Check Wi-Fi Speed On Android – 3 Quick Ways

Discovering the true speed of your wifi speed is essential in this digital age. No one wants to deal with sluggish browsing or endless buffering. Thankfully, several user-friendly ways exist to test your internet speed on your Android device. So, whether you’re using a budget Android phone or a high-end one, we’ve got you covered.

Are you looking to display your internet speed on the status bar? Or do you want to check whether your connection is stable? Either way, we’ve got your back.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can check your Wi-fi connection speed.

3 Ways To Check Wifi Speed On Android

Here are 3 simple yet effective methods to accurately measure your Wi-Fi speed:

1. Speedtest By Ookla – Best Tool to Measure Internet Speed

When it comes to testing internet speed, Speedtest is a go-to app for many users. This popular tool on Android provides accurate speed test results for cellular and Wi-Fi connections. It measures your download and upload speeds and evaluates your ping for optimal gaming performance. With real-time graphs and the ability to share results on social media, Speedtest offers a comprehensive and interactive testing experience.

Credit: SpeedTest

2. FAST – Quickest Internet Speed Test

Developed by Netflix, the FAST speed test app focuses on simplicity and efficiency. It swiftly displays your internet connection’s live speed in Mbps without any unnecessary graphs or complex data. It’s perfect for those who prefer a straightforward approach to measuring their download and upload speeds.


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3. Internet Speed Meter (Status bar):

Did you know a feature on your smartphone allows you to effortlessly monitor your internet speed right from the comfort of your status bar? No need to rely on external apps or complicated tools. Here are simplified steps to turn it on.

Step 1: Navigate to your Android settings and locate the “Notification panel & status bar” option.

Step 2: Activate the “Display network speed” option within the settings.

Image Source: Gtricks

And now you are all set up to monitor your Wifi from the status bar.

You can also check this Youtube video out if you’re having a problem following the steps.

Video Credit: WebbyFan

Note that this feature may not be available on some older Android devices. If that’s the case, you can you any other method in the list; it’ll surely work for you.

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Final Thoughts & FAQs

By utilizing these methods, you can easily determine the speed of your internet connection and make informed decisions about your online activities. Whether you’re streaming videos, gaming, or simply browsing the web, knowing your internet speed ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. Stay connected and stay ahead with these handy tools to test your internet speed on your Android device.

Similar Reads

Can I use Speedtest on my Android device?

Yes, Speedtest by Ookla is an app on Android devices and a popular tool for measuring internet speed.

Is the FAST speed test app reliable?

Yes, the FAST speed test app developed by Netflix provides quick and accurate measurements of your internet connection speed.

Can I monitor my internet speed from the status bar on my Android device?

You can monitor your Wi-Fi speed directly from the status bar by enabling the “Display network speed” option in the “Notification panel & status bar” settings.

Can I use these methods to check cellular data speed as well?

Yes, these methods can also be used to check cellular data speed on your Android device, providing insights into the speed and stability of your mobile internet connection.

Can I share my speed test results on social media?

Yes, apps like Speedtest by Ookla allow you to share your speed test results on social media platforms, showcase your internet speed, or compare it with others.

Are there any alternatives to the mentioned apps for testing internet speed on Android?

Yes, several alternative apps are available on the Google Play Store, such as Google Internet Speed Test and Meteor, which offer similar functionality to measure Wi-Fi speed on Android devices.

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