How To Clone Apps In Samsung Android Phone

Most smartphone users complain about not being able to use multiple accounts on their devices. Since most users create separate accounts for personal and official purposes, it gets hard to manage them both because of continuous logging on and off into different accounts.

So, Are you one of those who is having a hard time managing multiple social accounts?

Well, there are some third-party apps to solve this problem for you, but what if I tell you that you don’t need any third-party app in your Samsung Galaxy phone to clone apps?

Explore our guide on how to clone apps on your Samsung Galaxy device.

How To Clone Apps In Samsung Android Phone

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2 Quick Methods To Clone Apps On Galaxy Devices

If you have multiple Facebook or other social media accounts, you will surely have realized how easy it is to manage them on a computer. But the same can’t be said for mobile phones. To manage different social accounts on a smartphone, you will need to clone apps.

Following are the two easy and simple methods which you can follow clone apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone;

Method 1: App Cloning With Dual Messenger

Dual messenger is an exclusive feature for dual-SIM Galaxy devices that allows you to clone certain apps and manage different social accounts at the same time. This feature is excellent for applications that require an on-device number to run, like WhatsApp, since dual-SIM devices can carry two different numbers.

To use different cloned apps on your Galaxy device with this feature, follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, make sure your desired cloned app is installed on your device.
  • Then, head over to Settings from your home screen.
  • Next, Select Advanced Features.
  • You will see different options in Advanced features. Look at the bottom of your screen and tap Dual Messenger.
  • Tap on apps that you want to clone.
  • You will then be asked whether to create a separate contact list for dual apps.

Note: The cloned app will be visible with two layer circle, and you can uninstall it anytime without having an impact on the original app.

Method 2: App Cloning With Secured Folder

Another useful method for cloning apps on your device is through the Samsung Galaxy built-in feature that is Secure Folder. It’s a sandboxed domain located inside a folder on the Apps screen. It allows you to install copies of different apps on your phone.

Secure Folder uses Samsung’s Knox defense-grade security platform to safeguard the isolated folder, so you will be required to set a PIN or passcode. You can also set up biometrics like fingerprint and iris locks.

With this folder activated, you can install clones and add mobile apps to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

To clone apps through the Secure Folder, follow the steps below.

  • On your Apps screen, go to Secure Folder.
  • Tap the Plus (+) button in the folder.
  • Tap on the apps you want to clone and then hit Add.
  • The cloned apps will appear in the Secure Folder after that.
  • Unlike the original app, the clone app will carry the Secure Folder icon.


That’s it! No more juggling between your personal and official social accounts on your Samsung Galaxy. With the Dual Messenger and Secure Folder features, you can easily clone apps and keep your digital life neatly organized. So, get cloning and bid goodbye to constant logging in and out of accounts. Enjoy the simplicity and security offered by your Galaxy device. Remember, a well-managed digital life is just a few taps away.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two WhatsApp on my Samsung Galaxy at once?

The Dual Messenger feature allows the device’s user to run two social apps on their device. You will need to clone your WhatsApp and create a different account on the cloned app to use it.

Can I use two Facebook accounts at once on the same device?

By cloning your original Facebook app, you can use two different Facebook accounts on your device. All you need to do is to clone Facebook through Secure Folder or Dual Messenger.

How to activate Dual Messenger?

On your Samsung Galaxy device, head over to Settings. Select Advanced features from there and then tap Dual Messenger. It is already activated on your phone, and you will just need to clone your desired app.

Does Samsung have dual messenger?

Samsung Galaxy devices always have a feature that most Android devices lack. One of those features is Dual Messenger. It allows you to clone social apps on your phone.

How do I turn on my second messenger?

On the Dual Messenger display screen, tap on the Messenger app. This will allow you to create a copy of the messenger app installed on your phone.

What apps support dual messenger?

The Samsung Galaxy’s dual feature can be used with Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Telegram.

Can you install apps in the Secure Folder?

You can install and add apps in the Secure Folder of your device by tapping the Plus (+) button and then selecting your desired apps.

Is dual messenger safe?

Dual Messenger is completely safe as it is an exclusive feature provided by Samsung itself.

What is a Secure Folder?

Secure Folder is a built-in feature in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a sandboxed domain located inside a folder on the Apps screen. It provides a secure environment to install copies of different apps on the phone.

What is the benefit of using Secure Folder to clone apps?

Secure Folder uses Samsung’s Knox defense-grade security platform to protect the isolated folder. It allows you to set a PIN or passcode or use biometrics like fingerprint and iris locks, providing an additional layer of security for the cloned apps.

Can I clone any app on my Samsung Galaxy device?

Not all apps can be cloned using the built-in features mentioned in the guide. Only certain apps are compatible with Dual Messenger and Secure Folder for cloning.

Are the cloned apps completely independent from the original apps?

Yes, the cloned apps created using Dual Messenger and Secure Folder are independent of the original apps. They have their own settings, data, and login credentials.

Can I transfer data between the original app and its clone?

No, the original app and its clone do not share data. They are treated as separate instances with their own data and settings.

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