How To Connect iPad To Samsung TV

Craving a bigger display screen on your iPad amusement? You’re now not alone. Imagine streaming movies, gambling games, or reliving your picture recollections to your Samsung TV—doesn’t that sound better? Guess what? It’s viable and much simpler than you think!

But how can you make your iPad and Samsung TV fine buddies? From HDMI connections to Wi-Fi magic, we are here to guide you on a fast adventure to immense, immersive viewing.

Ready to experience display screen mirroring and raise your visual content from iPad-sized to huge-screen grandeur? Let’s dive in!

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What Is Screen Mirroring?

Screen Mirroring allows you the pleasure to display your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen on another device. The technology is really helpful for business meetings, family gatherings, school-related stuff, or presentations to display the relevant content from your smartphone to another screen like Samsung Smart TV.

How To Use Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring technology needs two devices. The screen-sending device is your mobile phone, tablet, or Mac, and the screen-receiver device is a Smart TV. In order to connect these two devices, you will need a connector. The connection could occur in different ways, such as an HDMI connection or a wireless connection.

The screen-sending device either fully copies your desktop screen or a single app or document that you want to share. The connection may vary depending on the devices you are trying to connect to each other. Some devices already have screen mirroring tools built into them, like Airplay and Google Cast. While Windows devices, on the other hand, are equipped with Miracast.

The major drawback of these connectors is that they rely on their own native technology and aren’t helpful when connecting multiple devices. For screen mirroring purposes, MirrorMeister, on the other hand, is compatible with a variety of devices, such as iOS and macOS devices, making it easy to cast your screen onto different TV brands and streaming devices.

How To Mirror Apple iPad To Samsung TV Wirelessly?

The easiest way to screen mirroring iPad to Samsung TV is through Apple’s wireless Airplay. It either allows you to stream your whole library from your device or just lets you send the video and audio signals from within capable apps.

Airplay has come a long way since its release, from requiring an Apple TV streaming box to working on TV screens such as Samsung Smart TVs, LG TVs, and much more.

Here are the instructions to let you mirror your Apple iPhone or iPad screen to your big-screen TV.

  1. Make sure both the TV and IOS devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Ensure that you’ve set up your smart TV software properly.
  3. If you are an iPhone X or an iPad OS12 or later user, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to spot, and then open Control Center. Otherwise, just swipe up to see the Control Center.
  4. Tap the two overlapping boxes, which is the screen mirroring button.
  5. Select your TV from the displayed list.
  6. When the four-digit code appears on your screen TV, enter it on your iOS device.

How To Connect Apple iPad To Smart TV Using An HDMI Cable?

An HDMI adapter may not be the most convenient for screen mirroring, such as Airplay, but it’s still an easy way of connecting, especially when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

Connecting your devices through an HDMI isn’t hard; you just need to follow the following instructions.

  1. Plug in the HDMI cable to your Smart TV’s HDMI port on one end and the adapter on the opposite end.
  2. Plug the lightning port into your Apple iPad.
  3. Set the TV input to a reasonable amount.
  4. To keep your Apple device’s battery from draining, plug your device’s charger into the second lightning port on your Samsung Smart TV.

How To Mirror iPad To Fire TV And Chromecast?

If you don’t have a compatible Airplay device or don’t want an HDMI cable, you can use mirroring apps for the purpose of connecting your Apple iPad and Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Although there are several apps with varying degrees of success, 2kit Consulting gives a good result when it comes to screen mirroring to your Fire TV and Chromecast.

These apps contain a screen recording feature that captures videos from your iOS device and sends it to the streaming player. You will need to download another app on the player instead of Fire TV, although the iOS app will guide you through.

Chromecast allows you to send your videos, photos, audio, and information to your TV from lots of supported apps. With these apps, screen mirroring iPad screens isn’t necessary as they allow you to play content directly on the television.

  1. First, plug the Chromecast into your smart TV.
  2. Using Google Home Companion, connect your device to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Then, tap the Chromecast from the displayed list of devices.
  4. After you initiate the media playback, It will appear on your TV instead of your Apple device’s screen.

How To Beam Apple Devices To Samsung Smart TV?

The quickest and easiest way to beam your Apple iPad to Samsung TV is by using an all-like MirrorMeister.

  1. Download and install MirrorMeister from your App Store.
  2. Launch the app. The app will automatically search for your Samsung TV or any other streaming device.
  3. Connect both of your devices to the same wifi network.
  4. Tap ‘Start Mirroring’ and then follow it up with ‘Start Broadcast.’

Now, you are all good to cast your desired videos, photos, and other types of content on your Samsung Smart TV.

How To Screen Mirror iPhone Or iPad To Samsung Smart TV?

To cast the iPad onto the Samsung TV, follow the below instructions.

  1. Download the ‘MirrorMeister app on your iPad.
  2. Install it, and make sure your iPad and Samsung TV are connected to the same wifi network.
  3. Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, launch the app.

Check the above section for detailed instructions.

How To Screen Mirror Mac To Samsung TV?

To connect your Mac laptop or computer to your Samsung TV, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Mac Screen Mirroring app and then launch it.
  2. Make sure both the Mac and Samsung TVs are connected to the same internet connection.
  3. Open the ‘MirrorMester’ app and select your TV, then press ‘Start Mirroring.’
  4. Once you are done, your videos, pictures, youtube videos, and other types of visual content are ready to be streamed.

How To Cast iPad To Samsung TV?

To cast video from iPad to Samsung TV without any cable or necessary hardware, all you need to do is:

  1. Download the ‘Screen Mirroring Samsung TV app.
  2. Then, open the ‘AirBeam TV app on your Apple iPad.
  3. Select ‘Start Mirroring’ from the menu and then select ‘Mirror [Your TV’s name].
  4. Click ‘Start Broadcast.’ Your screen will immediately mirror your iPad to Samsung TV.


In today’s digital world, you have simply made a connection between your iPad and Samsung TV, carrying out display mirroring like a maestro! From the simple swipe of Airplay to the strong reliability of an HDMI cable, or even the resourceful workarounds with Chromecast, Fire TV, or MirrorMeister, your visual content simply leaped from a small screen to a grand stage. So sit back, revel in the display, and bask in the pleasure of understanding you are the director of your virtual universe.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I mirror iPad to Samsung TV without Apple TV?

To cast your Apple iPad or iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV, download and install the ‘AirBeamTV’ app and launch it. Then, click ‘Start Broadcasting’, and your screen will be displayed on your Samsung TV, without any need for the Apple TV.

How do I link my iPad to my Samsung TV?

You can link your iPad to your Samsung TV after turning on both of your devices. Go to the Screen Mirroring option on your iPad and link it to Samsung TV. Make sure they are both connected to the same wireless network.

Why won’t my iPad screen connect to my Samsung TV?

You may face some problems when connecting your iPad to Samsung TVs when you are using different WiFi networks. Just make sure they are connected to the same network when screen mirroring.

Do all Samsung Smart TVs support screen mirroring?

The screen mirroring feature is only exclusive to those Samsung TVs that are eligible for WiFi connection. Regardless, there are some Samsung TVs that lack this feature, but you can choose other alternatives, such as a casting device.

How do I mirror my iPhone or iPad to my Samsung TV without WiFi?

Connecting your devices without an internet connection isn’t difficult. You can use a cable and the right adapter to establish a connection between your iPad or iPhone and your Samsung TV. You can also use Google Chromecast to establish a connection and view your favorite video apps, watch videos, share photos, and much more.

How to screen mirror iPad to Samsung TV without Airplay?

To screen mirror your iPad or iPhone to Samsung TV, you need to download the AirBeamTV app. AirBeamTV doesn’t require expensive hardware or cables to connect your Apple device to your smart TV. You can cast your iPad or iPhone to Samsung TV using AirBeamTV without any need for Apple TV or Airplay.

How do I pair my iPhone or iPad to Samsung TV via Airplay?

Swipe down from the upper right corner of your phone to open the Control Center. Then, tap ‘Screen Mirroring’ and follow it with ‘Samsung TV.’ Enter the PIN shown on your Samsung TV screen, if necessary.

What should I do if screen mirroring does not work?

Make sure that your iPad and your smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, ensure that both devices are updated to the latest version. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting both devices.

Can I still use my iPad while screen mirroring?

Yes, you can still use your iPad while screen mirroring. However, what you do on your iPad will be displayed on the TV.

Is the quality of screen mirroring as good as the original screen?

Screen mirroring quality generally depends on your Wi-Fi connection. For a more reliable connection and possibly better quality, you can use an HDMI connection.

Will screen mirroring drain my iPad’s battery quickly?

Screen mirroring might consume more battery than usual usage, especially with Wi-Fi connections. If you’re worried about battery life, you can plug your device into a power source while screen mirroring.

Can I use screen mirroring with an older iPad model?

AirPlay, Apple’s screen mirroring protocol, requires an iPad 2 or later. For other methods like HDMI or third-party apps, check their specific requirements.

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