How To Crypto Mine On Android

Cryptocurrencies are more relevant in this decade compared to earlier decades. For some, it is a future technology that can replace the banking system of the world. In some way, it has already disrupted the banking system and has a large influence on how people choose to pay.

But do you know how these cryptocurrencies are created? Well, in simple words, it is created using a distributed computing process called mining. Largely these currencies are mined by using GPUs or graphic cards, but can you mine cryptocurrencies using your mobile phone? In this article, we will cover how to crypto mine on an Android phone in the simplest way possible. Let’s dive into it;

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What Is Crypto Mining?

Crypto mining is basically a process to verify the legitimacy of transactions on the blockchain and ensure network security by preventing double-spending. This process is done by miners, and in the form of reward or profit, they are given a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Mining is an energy-intensive process. Typically it is done by using graphic cards, but there are also some mining-specific devices like ASIC miners. Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is certainly more power efficient and more powerful than GPUs. With so many benefits, there is also a risk attached to ASIC miners. It is actually made in a way that it can only mine specific coins. Considering the volatility of the crypto market, it is not a wise decision to mine only one coin.

Small-scale miners usually join pools to raise the computing power required to mine a block successfully which is done by combining different powers by miners in the pool.

Interpreting The Functioning Of Mobile Crypto Mining

The process of mining cryptocurrency using your mobile processing power is called Mobile crypto mining. However, the computing power provided by mobile will drop in the ocean when compared to ASIC miners or GPUs, but the percentage of reward will be approximately the same.

There are third-party apps available for both your Android device and iOS to mine cryptocurrency, but the legitimacy of these apps must be checked as they can expose your device to significant threats.

Top 10 Profitable Crypto Mining Coins

Following are the 10 best coins to mine:

1- Bitcoin(BTC): is an open source cryptocurrency which uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to facilitate instant payments. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to mine and the most famous one.

2-Ethereum(ETH): is a digital currency to make payments or transfer money online without revealing your details. It has its own programming language that runs on a blockchain. Ethereum is still the choice of many miners even after the proof of stake.

3-Monero: is one of the best cryptocurrency to mine, which facilitate private transactions without any third-party intervention. It hides the sender, receiver, and as well as the amount of m money of any transaction.

4-Ravencoin: is a digital P2P platform that uses use case-specific blockchain. Ravencoin is one of the best altcoins to mine.

5-Bitcoin Gold: is an open source and decentralized currency used to make payments. It is one of the easiest and most reliable coins to mine.

6-Dogecoin: which is often associated with Elon Musk, is actually a good coin to mine as the cryptocurrency is a reliable platform to send or receive money featuring P2P technology.

7-Litecoin: is one the earliest cryptocurrency. The things which made it a successful currency are its speed, low fees, and reliability. Litecoin is actually one of the most reliable coins to mine.

8-Ethereum Classic(ETC): is a digital currency to make your payment experience private and secret. It works on the proof of work, thus making it one of the common choices for miners.

9-Zcash: is one the most reliable cryptocurrency to make your payment experience private. It provides fast and confidential payments on e-commerce websites. It is in nice demand to mine between miners.

10-Haven: is a cryptocurrency that works on proof of work and is based onCryptoNote protocol. It is one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine.

How To Setup Mining Pool On Android SmartPhone

Mining cryptocurrency with an Android phone isn’t typically suggested because it needs a lot of power and can hurt your phone. But if you’re curious, here’s a simplified version of how you might do it.

You’ll need:

  • A powerful Android phone: A device with a strong processor that doesn’t get hot easily.
  • Constant, unlimited Internet: Mining needs constant web access and uses a lot of data.
  • Power source: Mining eats up battery fast, so your phone should be plugged in.
  • Cooling system: Mining can overheat your phone.
  • Mining app: Choose a trusted and reliable mining app from a trusted platform, as there are some scam apps available in the market.
  • Mining pool membership: Mining alone is difficult; you need to join a group or ‘mining pool.’ You’ll also need a digital wallet.

Steps To Setup Mining On Android Mobile

  1. Find and join a mining pool: Different pools have different rules and fees
  2. Get a mining app: Download a trustworthy mining app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Set up the app: Input the details for your mining pool, like its web address, port, and login details.
  4. Start mining: The app uses your phone’s processor to solve hard math problems, which earns you a bit of cryptocurrency.

Remember, be careful when joining mining pools or downloading crypto mining apps yourself. Some might be scams. Always do your own research, and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.

Top 10 Crypto Mining Apps For Smartphones In 2023

Following are the 10 of the best available Android apps and platforms to start mining using your mobile:

1-CryptoTab Browser

It was the first browser with built-in mining, allowing users to earn Bitcoin while browsing. It is easy to use and has a large user base of around 25 million users. They have successfully developed a platform where you can mine Bitcoin on whatever device you want.

2-DogeCoin Miner

This app allows users to mine Dogecoin using their Android devices. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and is free to use. Mining on this platform is very easy. You just need your Dodge coin address and an Android device.

3-Boleh Miner

Boleh Miner is a user-friendly app for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Dogecoin on Android smartphones or tablets. After installing the app on your mobile phone, you can start mining within a few minutes. It allows your device to mine crypto without any graphic card.

4-ProHash – Btc Cloud Mining

ProHash is a cloud mining platform that allows you to mine crypto from your mobile even in the background. They are also providing an upgrade plan for its users ranging between $31.99 – $179.99. They are also providing a 100% uptime guarantee.

ProHash - Btc Cloud Mining


Digmine is a popular crypto mining app for Android that encrypts your earnings for security which make it different from its competitors. It includes an in-app wallet for managing transactions. It is one of the best free mining apps available for Android.


StormGain is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform for trading, storing, earning, and studying. It is suitable for both short-term trading and long-term investment. It is one the best app available for Android to provide you with all-in-one solutions about crypto which make them one of the popular choice among users.


Binance is a widely used application for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies which makes it the leader in the crypto market. It is accessible on Android and iOS devices. It also offers cloud mining services and has a user-friendly interface. Here you cant mine yourself, but you can buy hash rates to generate a coin.


ECOS is a cryptocurrency investment platform that offers its mining software, hardware, wallet, exchange, and portfolio management services. It is one of the first platforms authorized by the US to provide mining services and operates legally in the US. They have tens of thousands of users, which growing every day.

ECOS Bitcoin Miner & Crypto

9-Bloom Miner

Bloom Miner is an open-source app for mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin, and Ether. It has a simple user interface and the software does not rely on plugins or commercials. Users must establish an account on the Bloomminer website using their email address in order to start.


Bitdeer is a leading cryptocurrency mining platform with global mining farms. It offers cloud mining services and supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Bitdeer group also owns Cloud Hashrate —also known as cloud mining—, MinerPlus, and DataCenter. For optimum efficiency and income, they use one-stop management in their app.


How To Do Crypto Mining On iPhone?

You can attempt to mine digital currencies on an iPhone by utilizing certain applications available on the App Store. Be aware, though, this approach may not yield much profit and may consume considerable energy. It can also overwork your iPhone, leading to potential performance issues.

It’s crucial to maintain a constant power supply for uninterrupted mining. So, even though iPhone mining of cryptocurrency is possible, it might not be the best route to take due to its inefficiency and the potential costs involved.

Profitability Of Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining: A Closer Look

The profit generated by mining usually depends on how much computational power is being generated by the hardware used in mining and the efficiency of that hardware. This means more powerful hardware, more computational power will be generated, and eventually, more profit will be in your pocket. So this makes it very clear that mining on smartphones might not be very profitable because mobile phones cant generate a good amount of computational power.

It is advisable to do a cost-benefit analysis before diving into it. In terms of the legality of mining on a smartphone, the legality does not depend upon the hardware you are using. It depends on the legal status of mining and using cryptocurrencies in the jurisdiction you want to use. In some countries, cryptocurrencies’ legal status is in problem. Do your own research in order to start.

Unveiling The Future Of Mobile Crypto Mining In 2023

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town for the last decade, but it does not guarantee a very profitable future for miners, especially those who are mining on smartphones. Due to environmental conditions, some cryptocurrency mining is moved to proof of work from proof of stake, like Ethereum.

The legal status is also in doubt in many countries, which makes it harder to devise a strategy for mining in the Future. As of now, we also don’t know about any technological advancement which will make mining on smartphones easier and more profitable.

Parting Thoughts And Inquisitive FAQs: Closing The Chapter

As we’ve delved into the digital gold mine, it’s clear that smartphone crypto mining is possible but not necessarily profitable. Despite uncertainties and evolving landscapes, these pocket-sized devices may hold untapped potential. Yet, as we leap into a future where every pixel might count, remember to weigh your options carefully. Dare to mine crypto, but also dare to question, as the path of crypto mining is as dynamic as the technology itself.

Is mining on mobile a good idea?

Although mining on mobile is possible, this does not mean it is a good idea to mine cryptocurrency on Android, especially those currencies which need a lot of computational power.

How profitable is mining on Android or ios?

The profitability of mining depends on the computational power generated by the hardware that is being used. So compared to other mining options, mining on mobile phones is not profitable because it can not generate even a good amount of computational power.

what is crypto mining, in simple words?

In simple words, crypto mining is the process of verifying transactions on a blockchain network and securing the network by solving complex mathematical problems. Miners are rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency for their computational efforts.

which are the best coins to mine?

The most popular coins around miners across the globe include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and Haven.

How my mobile phone can be damaged by mining?

Mining on a mobile device can create many issues for your device, such as excessive battery usage, overheating, and potential damage to the device. Additionally, some mining apps available on app stores may be malicious or scams.

What are mining pools?

Mining pools are platforms where groups of miners combine their computing power to increase their chances of successfully mining a block and earning rewards. Joining a mining pool increases the likelihood of earning a share of the rewards.

What is the legal status of mining crypto on mobile?

The legality of mining cryptocurrencies, whether on a smartphone or other hardware, depends on the jurisdiction and the legal status of cryptocurrencies in that particular location. It is important to research and comply with the regulations in your area.

Can I mine cryptocurrencies without joining a mining pool?

Yes, it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies without joining a mining pool, but the chances of successfully mining a block and earning rewards are significantly reduced. Mining pools provide a way to combine computing power and increase the likelihood of earning rewards.

Can I mine cryptocurrencies on a low-end Android phone?

While it is technically possible to mine cryptocurrencies on a low-end Android phone, the limited processing power and potential overheating may make it inefficient and potentially damaging to the device.

How much data does mobile crypto mining consume?

Mobile crypto mining can consume a significant amount of data, as it requires constant internet access to communicate with the mining pool and the blockchain network. It is important to have an unlimited data plan or monitor data usage closely.

How long does it take to mine a cryptocurrency block on a mobile device?

The time it takes to mine a cryptocurrency block on a mobile device varies depending on factors such as the computational power of the device, the difficulty of the mining algorithm, and the network’s overall mining power.

Can I mine cryptocurrencies while using my phone for other activities?

It is possible to mine cryptocurrencies while using your phone for other activities, but it may impact the performance and speed of other tasks. Mining consumes significant processing power and can cause lag or slowdowns on the device.

Can I mine cryptocurrencies on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies on multiple devices simultaneously, including both mobile devices and dedicated mining hardware. However, it is important to consider the cumulative power consumption and ensure proper cooling to avoid overheating.

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