How To Enable And Use Clipboard In Samsung Keyboard

Struggling with making the most of the incredible clipboard feature on your Samsung keyboard? Look no further! We’ve got an amazing guide just for you.

If you own a Galaxy smartphone, you probably know how impressive the Samsung Keyboard is. It offers loads of customization and accessibility options. Today, we’ll focus on one key feature: the clipboard.

How To Enable And Use The Powerful Clipboard In Samsung Keyboard
How To Enable And Use The Powerful Clipboard In Samsung Keyboard

Have you ever wondered how the clipboard could boost your productivity? And did you know that the Samsung Keyboard has a hidden treasure waiting for you?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the wonders of the Samsung keyboard’s clipboard, explaining its practical uses and how to enable it on your device. Join us as we unlock its full potential!

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What Is The Clipboard In Samsung Keyboard?

The Keyboard clipboard is an integrated tool in the Samsung keyboard that allows you to see previous copies of items as well as recent screenshots and pictures taken from your Samsung device. You can easily paste texts into text boxes from the clipboard screen, as well as pin items inside the clipboard for quick access.

The clipboard is a built-in function by Android in the device’s RAM. You can access and manage the clipboard on the Android device’s default keyboard app on your smartphone.

Clipboard allows you to access the most recently copied text items and screenshots easily from the keyboard menu. It also allows you to manage your clipboard items and delete them from the Clipboard whenever you want.

How To Enable The Samsung Keyboard Clipboard?

Before you try to enable the Samsung keyboard clipboard option, make sure that the Samsung keyboard is your default keyboard. After that, you will be required to turn on the keyboard toolbar.

Follow the steps below to enable the Samsung Keyboard Clipboard on your Samsung smartphone.

  • Head over to the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Next, access the “General Management” option.
  • After that, tap “Keyboard list and default.”
  • Then, the “Default keyboard” option.
  • From there, select the “Samsung keyboard” option.
  • Now, you will need to tap the “Settings” icon connected to the “Samsung keyboard.”
  • Finally, make sure that the “Keyboard toolbar” is turned on.

How To Use Clipboard In Samsung Keyboard?

Once the Samsung Keyboard toolbar is activated on your device, you may want to add the clipboard feature to it. It is not mandatory, but it is still helpful to add the clipboard shortcut to the toolbar.

To add a Clipboard to the Samsung keyboard toolbar and utilize it, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on a text box to summon the Samsung keyboard.
  2. Next, tap the three-dot button.
  3. Then, drag and drop the clipboard on the keyboard toolbar.

Once you’ve followed the above steps properly, you will be able to use the clipboard on your Android device. To access it, all you need to do is to tap the clipboard icon/button on your Samsung keyboard.

Benefits Of The Keyboard Clipboard?

Following are some of the most advanced features and notable benefits of the Samsung keyboard clipboard.

  1. It allows you to add and copy different texts and store them in itself, which makes them easy to access.
  2. Your recently taken screenshots are accessible on the clipboard, making it significantly easier to send them to someone without having to jump over to the phone’s gallery.
  3. It allows you to lock individual files based on favoritism, meaning it won’t be able to delete them without asking for your permission.

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There you have it, the hidden treasure within your Samsung keyboard, the clipboard! A versatile tool that keeps your favorite texts and screenshots at your fingertips. Its simplicity yet productivity-enhancing ability makes it an essential feature for all Galaxy smartphone users. So, why wait? Unlock the potential of your Samsung keyboard and let your daily communication become a breeze. Remember, a smart user doesn’t just own a smartphone – they know how to make the most of it! Dive in and explore this tool today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

How do I enable the Samsung keyboard clipboard?

To enable the clipboard on the Samsung keyboard on your device, you will need to add the Samsung keyboard as the default keyboard and then turn on the clipboard button in the Samsung keyboard toolbar.

How do I add a Clipboard to the Samsung keyboard?

To add the clipboard to the keyboard, tap on a text box to summon the keyboard and then drag and drop the clipboard on the keyboard toolbar.

How to open Clipboard on Samsung devices?

Open any of the messaging apps on your phone, and press the + character next to the left of the text space. Next, select the keyboard icon. After that, select the “>” character at the top. Then, you will be able to tap the clipboard icon on your device.

How to view the clipboard history on Galaxy smartphones?

First, you need to head over to any messaging app on your phone to paste a message from the clipboard. Next, tap and hold on the screen to get the clipboard icon to pop up, and then select it. You can scroll down to view the history of your clipboard.

How to retrieve items on your clipboard?

First, open the target application to which you want to send over the contents of your clipboard. Then, press and hold on to the text area until a text box emerges. Finally, you can press Paste to retrieve your desired data from the clipboard.

How do you copy the text on the Samsung screen?

Long press the home button, and you will be able to see the clip layer interface. From there, you can tap any word from the screen to select and copy them.

Where is the clipboard stored?

The clipboard is unnamed most of the time, and its content stays in RAM. The clipboard offers an application program interface with which programs can determine cut, copy and paste functionality.

How do you select all and copy on Samsung?

To do this, you will be required to touch and hold the text field to copy the highlighted section and then select “SELECT ALL.”

Why should I use the Samsung Keyboard Clipboard?

The Samsung Keyboard Clipboard enhances productivity by providing easy access to frequently used texts and screenshots, making communication and tasks more efficient.

What are the benefits of using the Samsung Keyboard Clipboard?

The Samsung Keyboard Clipboard allows quick access to copied texts and recent screenshots, facilitates sharing of screenshots, and enables the locking of important files.

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