How To Find Quality Android Cameras Beyond Megapixels

How to find Quality Android Cameras Beyond Megapixels

Finding a Quality Android Smartphone camera isn’t always the easiest choice. As the market now being ever more saturated with Android Cameras. It has become increasingly difficult for your average Joe to find something good on their own. That’s where this article comes in a clutch to save you from your predicaments.

Regarding cameras, people often overlook important details and focus on the megapixel count. Although megapixels are important, they aren’t the only thing that improves your camera’s quality. A person must focus on several things besides the megapixel count to look for a good camera sensor.

Factors to Consider Beyond Megapixels

 Factors to Consider Beyond Megapixels

Smartphone cameras, unlike professional cameras, don’t have many features to consider. A smartphone camera’s image quality depends on these essential parts—megapixel count, aperture, lens size, shutter speed, etc.


A megapixel is a unit to measure the number of pixels your camera can capture at a time. 1 megapixel is equal to 1,000,000 pixels. A pixel is a tiny square that represents your output.


The aperture of a camera lens refers to the size of the opening in the diaphragm that allows light to pass through. This crucial component is measured in f/stops and typically denoted as numeric values such as 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, and 16.

Lens size

The lens size matters a lot, as the bigger your lens is, the larger sensor you can put in it. A bigger lens also means better input of light, so the image is brighter and sharp.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed is the time your camera is open to take a shot. The longer it opens up, the more light it takes in. This matters a lot when considering different daylight conditions.

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That was just from a hardware perspective, but image quality in smartphone cameras doesn’t only depend on the camera lens. It also depends on the camera software as well. When the camera lens clicks a picture, it is only in its raw format.

So to improve it, the camera application uses software tricks to improve the image quality. Only after that is the image saved in the gallery. This is quite different from professional cameras, as they don’t have the software magic of smartphone cameras and can only save the image in raw format inside the camera roll.

How to measure the quality of a smartphone camera?

How to measure the quality of a smartphone camera?

There are various ways to evaluate the quality of a smartphone camera. As the camera’s quality doesn’t only depend on hardware but also on software, when looking at camera quality from a hardware perspective, we have to look at a few things; how much light can the lens capture at a time? How big is the camera lens? What is the shutter speed of the camera? Is the camera’s sensor able to work under low light conditions?

We have to look at the software optimization and user interface from the software side. Software affects many things, such as image stabilization, Focus Blur, capturing moving objects, Auto Focus, etc.

Different Types Of Camera Lenses

Different types of Camera lenses

Most phones come with a primary camera and a secondary camera. But some phone makers also include other camera lenses, such as Telephoto, Micro, Monochromatic, etc. These lenses allow users to capture different types of images with different effects. For example, a Telephoto lens allows the user to zoom in much further than Digital zoom.

Why Does Camera Sensor Size Matter?

Different types of Camera lenses

Most phones have camera sensor sizes of about 1 cm. A bigger sensor lets the camera capture more light at a set shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. The more light comes in, the better will be the image quality.

Top 5 Android Camera Brands For Quality Photography

 Top 5 Android Camera Brands for Quality Photography

Android has a wide variety of camera brands available in its market. Here are some of the biggest brands in the Android smartphone camera market.

  1. Samsung
  2. Google Pixel
  3. Oneplus
  4. Xiaomi
  5. Sony


Samsung has always dominated the Android camera market. Its latest flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra dominated even the ever-so-worthy Apple’s iPhone 14.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is always competing head-to-toe with Samsung in the Android cameras section. Their newly introduced Pixel 7 pro made huge waves and quickly became of the contenders for best Android smartphone cameras.


The brand-new flagships Oneplus 11 and One Oneplus 11 Pro were also fan favorites. Oneplus has always been known for its specs and battery revolutions, but this year Oneplus also made a crash into the camera industry.


Xiaomi is the leading Android smartphone brand in China. It has been dominating China’s market for years. This year too, their latest Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 pro made quite stirs and did not disappoint the fans with their flagships.


Sony’s Xperia was a great wild card this year. Even though Sony’s DSLR cameras are known worldwide, its smartphone camera game was slightly lagging. But this year, Sony returned and shocked everyone by competing with top smartphone camera brands like Oneplus and Xiaomi.

Final Thoughts

Android Cameras’ quality doesn’t just rely on Megapixels. There are a lot of other things to consider, too, such as Camera lenses, sensors, OIS, etc. Finding a good quality Android smartphone camera is like finding a needle in a haystack. With hundreds of smartphone camera phones launching yearly, it is tough to keep up with each. and It will keep getting increasingly difficult. But don’t worry; this article made it far easier for you to find the right camera that fits your style and needs.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 cameras for Android?

The three most popular cameras for Android are Bokeh Camera, Telephoto camera, and Micro Camera.

What are the 4 main types of cameras?

There are typically four primary categories for cameras: digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), point-and-shoot, bridge, and mobile phone cameras.

Does Android have better cameras?

Android phones, although cannot compare to Apple in their camera department they, are definitely superior in terms of innovation.

What is ISO in the camera?

ISO pertains to the level of sensitivity of a camera’s sensor. Initially, ISO denoted the sensitivity of the film, which indicated its capability to gather light.

What are professional cameras called?

Professional cameras are known as DSLRs. They have big lenses and bulky frames.

Why is the iPhone camera only 12MP?

Megapixels don’t matter; what matters the most is the size of the Sensor.

Is an iPhone camera better than DSLR?

although iPhone cameras have improved so much over the course of time, DSLR cameras are still the superior and the go-to choice for professional Photographers.

What is EV on a camera?

EV indicates exposure rates. The higher the exposure, the brighter the picture will be.

Is 50MP better than 12MP?

No, the camera quality depends on the size of the sensor. more MP doesn’t mean a better camera.

Putting aside the year of release, what iPhone has the best camera?

IPhone 14 pro max has the best camera in the iPhone series. Not only is it the best in just the iPhone series, but it is also one of the best of all smartphone cameras of all time.

What was the MP of the first mobile camera?

In November 2000, the Sharp J-SH04 became the pioneer mobile phone to feature a built-in camera. The camera on this device had a resolution of 0.11 megapixels (352 x 288 pixels) and had the capability to capture still images and short video clips.

What is the difference between a Mobile camera MP and a DSLR camera MP?

There is no difference between the MP., but the difference comes in sensor sizes. DSLR cameras have much bigger sensors than mobile cameras.

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