How to Get My AI on Snapchat Android Free

As we develop into a modernized future ahead, the integration of an AI chatbot into various applications has been immense. Snapchat has also joined this bandwagon to enhance and alleviate the use of their Android App

However, many people are confused about access to the Snapchat AI bot. Are you one of those people? Who cant find their Snapchat AI on your Android devices? And it irritates you, right?

Dont worry! We have got you covered. We have written down a few simple steps you need to follow to get My AI on Snapchat!

What is the ‘My AI’ Feature on the Snapchat App?

Open AI’s chatgpt has changed the market vividly, where an artificial intelligence chatbot has been executed into a browser and an app to tackle daily life tasks through the use of Ai data. AI Chatbots are being used on almost every service-providing Application, and now Snapchat app users can now also access an Ai on their iPhone and Android devices called ‘My AI’

Snapchat’s My AI provides you with the opportunity to engage with AI-generated filters, effects, and functionalities designed to convert your snaps into imaginative works of art. My AI enhances and brings an additional level of enthusiasm and individuality to your Snapchat posts. In addition, you can bring My AI into a conversation with a friend or a group chat to get responses from it for everyone to view and interact

How to get “MY AI” on Snapchat?

You need to have a Snapchat account to access My AI on Snapchat, which will allow you to access a world of AI just like openai’s chatgpt. Snapchat My AI is available free of cost for all Snapchat users. Snapchat’s My AI chatbot is now also available on Snapchat Plus with some advanced features as well. You can access the My AI Chatbot after you update the app from the Google Play store.

Once you have updated the Snapchat app on your Android, you can follow the steps to find my AI on your Snapchat:

Step 1: You can start by launching the Snapchat Android application on your smartphone. There from the camera screen, you can swipe right from the camera onto your chat screen. On the top of your chat, you will see My AI Chatbot

Step 2: Now, you will see the AI on your chat screen. You can tap on My AI on the screen to open the chat section. Snapchat has made a pop that will appear after telling you about the privacy controls of the new My AI. Press “Okay” to continue

Step 3: The AI chatbot is now available to you. You can use the chatbot from the chat feed anytime you want. You can also activate My AI on your profile by paying for Snapchat through the Snapchat Plus membership and opting for the experimental functionalities.

5 Best Uses of Snapchat My AI Feature

Snapchat My AI is available for all accounts, and you can ask the bot to do multiple tasks for you! Here are the best 5 features you can get with Snapchat My AI:

1) My AI offers snapchatters to help them with their math work. Now you can use it to calculate your numbers or solve tricky questions right from the camera screen.

2) It provides users with information that can help them plan trips in groups and allows everyone to know what plan has been decided

3) It allows the user to use the camera screen to open various kinds of links or URLs from a PC or other devices

4) My AI is also offering users to provide summaries of books and important documents and become a personal staff writer due to its strong AI database and relevant responses.

5) You can use My AI for answering questions coming from your random thoughts

How to delete ‘MY AI’ chats on Snapchat?

You can delete your ‘My AI’ chats on Snapchat for better privacy reasons. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Access your profile and then swipe right to open your chat tab
  3. Navigate to My AI and click on it to access your chats
  4. Press and hold any chat bubble to see a ‘delete’ option, which you can press to delete chats from your My AI chat.

How to change the name of the ‘MY AI’ bot?

If you’re eager to bestow a new name upon your trusty AI companion, simply waltz into its charming Friendship Profile. Then simply tap on My AI and proceed with the option to Edit its name.

What is the price for the Snapchat Plus Membership?

The Snapchat Plus Membership costs $ 3.99 per month

Does Snapchat offer personalization to My AI?

Yes, you can change its gender and name along with the chat wallpaper of your AI

Can I get feedback for My AI?

Snapchat says on Snapchat support that My AI is a growing tool, yet you can get a proper feedback regarding your AIs features.

Can you get the AI on a new account?

You can get the new AI on a completely new Snapchat account. Just make sure you app is updated

How to clear My AI data?

You can clear any data shared by simply removing he AI from the chat. 

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