How To Setup Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

Ever found yourself determined to keep a close eye on what your child does on the internet? In our digital age, you’re now not on your own in this war.

But bet what? It’s easier than you might suppose to create a secure virtual surrounding for your youngsters. This guide will show you the way to set up parental controls on a Samsung tablet. Are you prepared to end up a tech-savvy discern superhero? Let’s dive in!

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What Are Parental Controls?

Parental controls are features that allow you to oversee and prohibit what a person does on the internet.

Programs that can do things like blocking and filtering websites and contents and viewing their browsing history are in a wide variety. But the parental control features differ from them. Some parental controls may log keystrokes, screenshot what they are doing, see chats on different apps and websites, etc.

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Do SamsungTablets Have Parental Controls?

Samsung devices provide kid’s mode apps as parental subscription apps. It is pre-installed in many cases on your Samsung tablet. The app is designed for kids’ phones and tablet devices and provides six child profiles via PIN. Through the Kid Mode app, parents can control screen time and limit their use of apps.

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How To Set Up Your Child’s Account On Samsung Kids Mode App?

The Samsung Kids app is usually pre-installed on your device. Make sure to install the latest Android operating system to run Kids Mode smoothly. You should first try searching for it before installation. If you don’t find it on your device, follow these instructions.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search ‘Samsung Kids Mode,’ then click download.
  • Launch the app after downloading it.
  • Then, you will need an account for your child on Kids Mode. To create it, go to ‘Apps’, then click ‘Kids Mode’ on your home screen and enter the required information.
  • You can allow a maximum of 30 apps to the allowlist. To add them, tap ‘Kids Mode’ > ‘Parental Control icon’ > ‘Enter Parent Login’ information. Then, find Applications and tap the ‘Add’ icon, and then select the apps you’d like to allow.
  • For adding restrictions: Tap ‘Apps’ > ‘Kids Mode’ > ‘Parental Control’ icon and then enter Parent login information. After completing these steps, select ‘Daily Playtime Limit’ to set up your child’s account.

What Are The Best Parental Control Apps For Samsung Tablets?

While there are many Parental Control apps, it’s hard to decide which one is the best. Below are some of the apps that may prove helpful to you.

Top 5 Best Parental Control Apps

1- Net Nanny

Net Nanny, which is regarded as one of the best apps for parental control, has a modern, instinctive design and amazing web-filtering technology. It analyzes the page rather than blocking it without any insight and allows you to make filters of your own.

Net Nanny has a unique feature that lets you pair its iOS and Android versions. It helps in tracking and displaying your child’s location and setting time allowances and schedules on both iOS and Android devices.

2- Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you in monitoring and control your child’s activities on smartphones as well as PCs and Macs. Kaspersky’s paid tier is just 15$ per year for a limitless number of children’s devices, which makes it a great parental control app. It also lets you filter websites as well as manage other applications.

Their drawbacks are certainly there, however, they aren’t major. The mobile apps are awkwardly designed, the web filters are slow, and the filters may not be compatible with less-popular browsers.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

3- Norton Family

Norton Family’s features are perfect for Android and Windows households with many children, offering almost any feature a parent needs from the app, including the latest geofencing.

Norton’s location-tracking, time limit, web-filtering, and monitoring capabilities are available on both Android and IOS. However, the allowances are only for Windows and Android software. Its drawback is that it doesn’t work on Mac.

Norton Family

4- Kidslox

Kidslox lets you create a single control point where you can enable many of the features such as Safe Search, Content Restrictions, etc.

Secondly, It works across platforms, so it is easily possible to monitor Samsung and Android devices using an iPhone.

Finally, the mobile application offers numerous additional, customized features which give more control over their mobile phone and all on the same screen you have.


5- Google Family Link

To enable Samsung tablet parental controls, it is recommended to download and install Google Family Link. Google Family Link app is the only option you have if you want to use the parental control app freely. It is fascinatingly surprising how powerful and useful it can be as long as you own an Android device.

Google Family Link gives parents control over system permissions about each particular app the child has on their Android device. This feature is uniquely available in the Google Family Link. It authorizes you to decide which apps your child can download on their device from Google Play Store.

The major drawback of the Family Link app is that its sole web-filtering ability, which is against ‘Mature sites,’ doesn’t work perfectly.

Google Phone Link

How To Enable Parental Controls On A Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

Some areas of restriction for parents include screen time, shopping, sensitive content, and much else. We will discuss various parental control options depending on your needs. But before installing any new features, please check the built-in options on your Samsung tablet beforehand.

Follow the steps below to enable parental controls on your Galaxy tablet.

  • Scroll down from the top of your screen and tap the Settings icon.
  • Then, scroll down to Digital Wellbeing and Parental controls and tap it.
  • After that, select Parental Control and then tap Get Started.
  • Then, choose the Child or Teenager option.
  • Now, you will need to link your child’s Google account. If it’s not created yet, then select Add or Create an account for your child and then tap Next.
  • You will be prompted to review what you can and cannot manage with Google Family Link. Tap Agreed and then tap Allow.
  • After that, select the apps that you want your child to use and tap Next.
  • Again, tap Next after approving the Manage and Filter settings.
  • Now, you can install Google Family Link on their device and manage it remotely.

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How To Set Content Restrictions?

To add to another cool feature of parental control is that you can put a restriction on the Google Play Store content. The parental purchases don’t count for in-application purchases, however, there is a way to eliminate this access. Follow the steps below to learn how to perform this action.

  • Tap ‘Menu.’
  • Then, tap ‘Settings.’
  • Turn on ‘Parental Control.’
  • Select the preferred age limit.

By doing this, your child will only be able to download the apps that are rated specifically for the age you selected.

How To Apply Google Chrome SafeSearch?

Finally, You will need to manage the built-in SafeSearch filter. You can ensure that your child can use the browser without encountering explicit sites once you implant the SafeSearch filter. Though the filter only works for the pre-installed Google browser app.

Make sure to remove all third-party browsers before applying these filters. Once you are done, perform the following action.

  • First, Open the Google Browser app.
  • Then, tap the ‘Menu.’
  • After that, ‘Settings.’
  • Then, scroll to ‘SafeSearch Filters.’
  • Finally, select ‘Filter Explicit result.’

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How To Create A User Profile On Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

Most likely, if you share a mobile device, you can’t allow a kid mode profile on their user profile. Therefore, children need to have user profiles they may use for themselves. If the user owns the device, it’s recommended to create a profile that includes parental control settings. It’s the best way to have security.

To create a user profile on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, follow these instructions.

  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon on your home screen.
  • Tap Users.
  • Then choose ‘Add user.’
  • Select the restricted profile.
  • Create a password that gives the child no chance to guess it.
  • Tap on ‘Finished.’.

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There you have got it – a step-by using-step roadmap to navigating the virtual desolate tract as a savvy determine! With these tools in your arsenal, you are now well ready to guard your child’s virtual world on a Samsung pill. Remember, it’s no longer pretty much placing obstacles but fostering a feel of responsible tech use within the next generation. So, are you prepared to don your superhero cape and guide your young explorers through the thrilling and hard terrain of the internet? Here’s to a more secure, balanced virtual adventure for your family!

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

How to turn on Kids mode on Android?

To set parental controls, go to the Play Store app, then head over to Settings and then ‘Parental Controls’. Lastly, all you need to do is toggle the switch to On.

How to disable kid’s mode on Android?

Once you are in Safe Mode, make your way to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Applications’ and follow it up with ‘Manage Applications’. Then, choose ‘Kids Mode’ from the displayed list of apps. Select ‘Uninstall’ and then ‘Done’ once the uninstalling is finished.

What Devices Support Parental Control Systems?

Almost all Android devices support parental control systems. While the feature isn’t supported by Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and above, it is still possible to set parental controls on your phone using a third-party such as Kidslox, Net Nanny, Kaspersky Safe Kids, etc.

How to add new apps using Kids Mode?

On the Home screen, tap ‘Apps’ and then tap ‘Kids Mode’. Then, choose ‘Parental Control’ and enter the four-digit PIN. Then, tap ‘Applications’, and follow it with the ‘Add’ icon present in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Tap ‘Accept’.

How to set screen time limits using Kids Mode?

Tap ‘Apps’ from the home screen. Tap ‘Kids Mode’ and then tap the ‘Parental Control’ icon, followed by entering the new four-digit PIN code. Select ‘Daily Playtime limit’ and then you also have the option to choose ‘No time limit’, and then click ‘Time limit’.

How to enable Secret Mode on Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Secret mode on your Samsung Galaxy tab allows you to browse in private, not allowing any trace to be left in your browsing history.
Open Samsung Internet, and click the ‘Tabs’ icon present at the top or sometimes on the bottom of the display. Then, select ‘Turn on secret mode’.

Can you put a parental lock on the Samsung tablet?

Head over to Settings, and then tap Digital Wellbeing and Parental controls. Next, tap parental controls and then Get Started. Finally, select Child or Teen, depending on the user.

How do I block inappropriate videos on YouTube?

It is possible to activate YouTube restriction mode on your device. Which is the site’s parental control in a way. Go to your Account’s settings and activate Restrict mode from there.

Can I set a daily playtime limit with Samsung Kids Mode?

Yes, you can set a daily playtime limit through the Kids Mode’s Parental Control settings.

Can parental control apps monitor my child’s social media activity?

Yes, some parental control apps can monitor social media activity, but capabilities vary between apps. Check each app’s features for specific information.

Can I block specific websites using parental control apps?

Yes, most parental control apps allow you to block specific websites.

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