iOS Phone Link is now accessible on Windows 11

iOS Phone Link is now accessible on Windows 11
  • Phone Link for iOS: iPhone features on Windows 11
  • Calls, messages, notifications: iPhone and Windows 11 integration
  • Global release: Phone Link now in 39 languages, 85 markets

Microsoft recently made an exciting announcement for Windows 11 users: they can now enjoy the Phone Link feature for iOS, which was previously only available for Android phones. With Phone Link for iOS, iPhone users can conveniently make and receive phone calls, send and receive iMessages, access their contacts, and view phone notifications directly from their Windows PC.

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In a blog post, Microsoft expressed their pleasure in announcing the availability of Phone Link for iOS to all Windows 11 customers. This feature was released last month in 39 languages and 85 markets around the world, although it may take a few weeks for it to reach all customers.

While this new feature brings enhanced connectivity, it does come with some limitations. Microsoft clarified that the messaging feature will be limited and session-based, and it will only function when the iPhone is connected to a PC.

Getting started with Phone Link is simple. Just use the Search box on your Windows taskbar and look for “Phone Link.” To utilize Phone Link for iOS, you will need an iPhone running iOS 14 or a newer version, a Windows 11 device, a Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app.

With the introduction of Phone Link for iOS, Microsoft has expanded the functionality and convenience of Windows 11 for iPhone users. Now they can seamlessly integrate their iPhone with their Windows PC, making it easier to stay connected and access essential phone features without having to switch devices.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is Phone Link for iOS?

It enables iPhone users to make calls, send messages, access contacts, and view notifications on their Windows 11 PC.

Was Phone Link for iOS only available for Android phones before?

Yes, it was exclusive to Android phones but is now accessible to Windows 11 users.

In how many languages and markets was Phone Link for iOS released?

It was released in 39 languages and 85 markets globally.

How can I access the Phone Link on Windows 11?

Use the taskbar’s Search box and find “Phone Link.”

When did Phone Link for iOS become available to Windows 11 users?

It was recently made available within the last month.

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