Is Google Downsizing the Pixel 8 Display?

Is Google Downsizing the Pixel 8 Display?
  • Latest leaks suggest downsized 6.16″ display for Pixel 8
  • 120 Hz refresh rate expected for Pixel 8 Pro
  • Official details to be revealed at Google I/O on May 10th

Google is expected to release its Pixel 8 lineup near the end of this year. But as the Google I/O is one month away, we are expected to see a brief showcase or sneak peek of the new unreleased Pixel 8.

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Although the Pixel 8 is far from being released, we have been seeing rumors and leaks regarding it for a while now. Last month, a Twitter tipster @Onleaks posted a tweet pointing out the dimensions of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 

Now, the latest Tweet from the CEO of the displays supply chain @DSCCRoss hinted at Pixel 8 size being downsized from 6.32” to 6.16”. While Pixel 8 Pro remains the same size as Pixel 7 Pro. 

A 6.16 display would make the Pixel 8 in the same line as the smaller iPhone variants and Galaxy S23. But this would also indicate high pixel density and a better screen-to-resolution ratio.

We can also expect the Pixel 8 to come with a 90 Hz refresh rate while the Pixel 8 Pro with a 120 Hz refresh rate. But with the Pixel 7a rumored to come with 90 Hz, we can maybe see 120 Hz making wild card entry into the standard Pixel 8.

According to render design leaks for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, The Pixel 8 is going to have a Flat display while the Pro version would likely be curved. These are only leaks. The official ‘leaks’ would be showcased by Google on its Google I/O, which is happening on the 10th of May.

Pixel 8 Render Leaks

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pixel 8 cost?

The expected prices for the Pixel 8 lineup are as follows:
Pixel 8 Pro (256 GB) – $999, Pixel 8 Pro (128 GB) – $899
Pixel 8 (256 GB) – $699, Pixel 8 (128 GB) – $599

How is Google Pixel so cheap?

It’s Google’s policy to manufacture smartphones at a cheap price so users can buy them at a good price. They do this without compromising on any of the quality, which is applaudable.

Is Google Pixel a good phone?

Yes, Google Pixel is the best in terms of Android Support. As Google’s made phones have the best features and updates.

Does Google Pixel 8 have a good camera?

Google Pixel 8, just like its predecessors, has an ultra-powerful camera that doesn’t lose even when compared to that of the iPhone 15.

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