Is Google’s Pixel Fold Taking on Samsung Fold Z?

Is Google's Pixel Fold Taking on Samsung Fold Z?
  • Pixel Fold may rival Samsung Fold in the foldable phone market.
  • Leaked documents showed Pixel Fold’s estimated price at $1700 with a free Pixel Watch.
  • Pixel Fold could weigh around 10 oz. and have the strongest bend compared to competitors.

According to leaked documents obtained by CNBC on Pixel Fold, it showed the new upcoming Pixel Fold would be anything but cheap. The report also showed some of its qualities that could potentially turn Pixel Fold into a strong competitor against Samsung Fold.

This is especially wonderful for US natives as there are no other viable options besides Samsung Fold in the department of Foldable phones. But now, with the addition of Pixel Fold, this may very well be the start of another rivalry. Read more about Samsung’s new upcoming foldable phones, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 5: fastest phones yet?

Pixel Fold price, according to the leaks, was estimated at around 1700$ now; this is nowhere cheap. But to appease the users who might have been shocked by the price tag, Google would be giving away a free Pixel Watch to those who purchase the Pixel Fold. Now if this is not a marketing strategy, I don’t know what it is.

There were also some speculations regarding its weight in leaks provided by CNBC. One such leak suggests that Pixel Fold’s weight could be anywhere near 10 oz., which is a lot as compared to other foldable like Samsung Fold.

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The leaks also showed that the Pixel Fold might have the strongest bend in between them as compared to all of its competitors. If this is true, then Samsung needs to step up its game, as there have been a lot of complaints regarding how weak is the seam between Samsung Foldables.

All in all, The new Pixel Fold is looking out to be a solid choice for many tech enthusiasts. Also, people are excited to see a new competitor enter the market, as this will definitely improve the rate of growth at these technologies improve.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Google Pixel Fold screen?

The new Pixel Fold will be rocking a 7.6 inches giant display.

How thick is the Google Pixel fold?

Google Pixel Fold would be around 5.7mm thick, which is considerably less than that of Galaxy Fold Z

Are Foldable Phones Sturdy?

Foldable phones are infamous due to their easily breakable folds. Which is why most people are hesitant to buy them. But with the new upcoming improved displays, the foldable phones will be sturdy and not easily breakable.

How heavy is Pixel Fold?

Pixel Fold is 10 ounces in weight which are higher than most of its competitors. But that’s due to the big battery that can last up to 24 hours.

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