Join the Beta Test Android 14 on Xiaomi Devices!

Join the Beta Test Android 14 on Xiaomi Devices!
  • Xiaomi recruiting beta testers for MIUI based on Android 14.
  • Eligible devices: Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro, and 12T.
  • Global ROM testers, visit Xiaomi Service Center if issues.

Xiaomi recently made a thrilling declaration approximately their plans to recruit beta testers for the brand-new MIUI software program, that’s based totally on Android 14. This update, currently called the “MIUI beta version” is predicted to be officially launched later this 12 months as MIUI 14.1.

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Xiaomi has decided to provide early get admission to Android 14 for today’s flagship devices. While the Xiaomi thirteen Ultra is not covered in the preliminary batch, the Xiaomi thirteen and Xiaomi 13 Pro are eligible for beta testing. Similarly, the Xiaomi 12T is eligible, however, the Xiaomi 12T Pro isn’t.

It’s possible that Xiaomi will make bigger the beta recruitment application in Destiny, and we will anticipate the Xiaomi 12T Pro to be protected. It’s essential to be aware that Xiaomi is especially seeking out beta testers for the Global ROM model and no longer for other versions just like the EU or Indian distributions.

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To test which model of MIUI your tool is going for walks, definitely visit Settings and pick out “About cellphone”, If your tool has “MI” in its call, it suggests a Global ROM build. Additionally, Xiaomi emphasizes that the selected beta testers (2,000 per smartphone) should be willing to visit a Xiaomi Service Center if any troubles rise up after installing the beta ROM improve.

For extra details and requirements concerning beta testing, please refer to Xiaomi’s discussion board submission.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the new software Xiaomi is recruiting beta testers for?

Xiaomi is recruiting beta testers for the new MIUI software, which is based on Android 14.

When will the new software be officially released?

The new software, known as MIUI 14.1, is expected to be officially released later this year.

Which Xiaomi devices are eligible for beta testing?

The Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 12T are eligible for beta testing.

Will the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Xiaomi 12T Pro be included in the beta testing program?

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is not included in the initial batch, and the Xiaomi 12T Pro is also not eligible for beta testing at the moment.

Which version of MIUI is Xiaomi recruiting beta testers for?

Xiaomi is specifically recruiting beta testers for the Global ROM version.

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