Magisk v26.0 drops support for Android Lollipop

Magisk v26.0 drops support for Android Lollipop
  • Magisk V26.0 supports Android 14 but drops Android Lollipop compatibility.
  • Its updated changelog is available for users to access.
  • Get Magisk V26.0 from the official GitHub project page.

Magisk V26.0 is now out for the new upcoming Android 14. And here are some of the new tweaks and changes to it.

Magisk V26.0, although not the most needed feature. Tech enthusiasts deeply love it. John Wu announced Magisk V26.0 on Twitter with its updated changelog. From this, we can see the base for this project has been laid down.

However, there is a piece of unfortunate news as well, Magisk will drop its support for Android Lollipop. Well, it was expected, as there were some issues regarding the newer Magisk versions. In addition to this, the Samsung Galaxy S23 devices would be able to run Magisk.

To download Magisk v26.0, you can check its official GitHub project page.

To sum up, Magisk just announced their V26.0 update for Android users. But due to unfortunate circumstances, Android Lolipop would no longer support Magisk. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magisk V26.0?

Magisk V26.0 is the latest version of the popular rooting tool for Android devices.

What new features does Magisk V26.0 have?

Magisk V26.0 includes support preparation for the upcoming Android 14.

Is Magisk V26.0 necessary for rooting Android devices?

While Magisk V26.0 is not a must-have feature, it is beloved by tech enthusiasts for its customization options.

Is rooting my Android device safe?

Rooting your Android device can be risky, as it can potentially void your device’s warranty and expose it to security vulnerabilities.

Do I need technical knowledge to root my Android device with Magisk V26.0?

While some technical knowledge is helpful, there are many online guides and tutorials available to help guide you through the rooting process with Magisk V26.0.

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