Material You Gets a New Contrast Slider in Android 14

  • Android 14 adds contrast slider in settings
  • Uses color science for better visibility
  • Works for most Google apps and some third-party apps

It has been a couple of months since the launch of android 14 and we are still finding some surprising and useful new features and functionalities that were added to the new android version. The new contrasted color theme option is a practical contribution. It gives the android parts and even some third party apps a much more lively look.

You can find the contrast slider under the “Color and Motion” tab in the settings. The contrast option provided is quite sufficient in distinguishing between icons, text and other elements for most users. But for people who get bored fast, Google has added a “Contrast Slider” for adjusting the level of contrast to your liking. The most important thing is that Google has kept it accessible and easy for everyone to use. 

Android 14 Is Prioritizing Colors?

Android 14 has really put a lot of thought into themes and color. The automatic theme uses color science to make sure there is enough contrast between two different elements so that they are distinguishable. For instance if you put light gray text on white background, it would be difficult to read. Color science makes sure this doesn’t happen.

Strangely the android itself isn’t affected by the changing contrast. It remains the same even after changing the option to the highest setting. But it definitely works like a charm for most google apps and even some third party apps.

In short, the adjustable contrast option in android 14 can be quite useful and is welcomed by the android users. It shows what Material You is capable of and what we can expect from it in the future. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contrast slider in Android 14?

The contrast slider is a new feature added in Android 14 that allows users to adjust the level of contrast to their liking. It is located under the “Color and Motion” tab in the settings.

 How does the contrast slider work?

The contrast slider uses color science to improve visibility by adjusting the contrast between different elements, such as icons and text. This ensures that they are distinguishable and easy to read.

Can the contrast slider be used on third-party apps?

Yes, the contrast slider works for most Google apps and some third-party apps as well.

What is Material You?

 Material You is a design language introduced by Google for Android 12 and later versions that allows users to customize their phone’s interface using color, font, and shape options.

Does the contrast slider work for the entire Android interface?

No, the contrast slider only works for certain Google apps and some third-party apps, and not for the entire Android interface.

What is color science?

Color science is a field of study that explores how colors are perceived and how they can be used to improve visibility and legibility of text and other visual elements.

How does the automatic theme in Android 14 work?

The automatic theme in Android 14 uses color science to ensure that there is enough contrast between different elements in the interface, making it easier to read and use.

Can the contrast slider be used by people with visual impairments?

Yes, the contrast slider can be a useful tool for people with visual impairments who may have difficulty reading small text or distinguishing between different interface elements.

Is the contrast slider easy to use?

es, Google has made the contrast slider accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Does the contrast slider affect the battery life of the device?

No, the contrast slider does not affect the battery life of the device as it is a software-based feature that does not consume a lot of resources.

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