Meta’s $725M Settlement: Here’s How to Get Your Share

Meta's $725M Settlement: Here's How to Get Your Share
  • US citizens can claim a share of Meta’s $725M settlement for a privacy breach case.
  • Fill out a form on the settlement site and wait for the money to arrive.
  • The deadline for claims is August 25, 2023.

If some of you have a strong memory can recall a few years back when Meta wasn’t rebranded as Meta, instead known as Facebook, was sued in a privacy breach case and had to forfeit $725 million in settlement to US federal government.

This caused quite a lot of noise as Facebook was already infamous due to its shenanigans regarding the privacy of users’ data and information. People only settled after hearing Facebook’s loss in Court. Google also suffered from such an incident too recently, but in India, “Partial Victory for Google in India’s Android Antitrust Case

Now the US federal government has announced that US citizens who have been in the US from 2007 to 2022 can claim their share of money in the huge pool of $725 million.

You can claim your money by going on to the settlement site and filling in the form by clicking on submit claim. After submitting the claim, all you have to do is to wait till the money arrives in your account.

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The deadline for this claim is August 25, 2023, so be sure to claim before that. It is also not confirmed how much it would be a share. This will depend on how many people apply for the claim; the fewer, the better.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When can claimants expect to receive their share of the money?

You just have to apply for the claim, and the money will be sent to your bank accounts automatically.

Is it safe to apply?

Yes, absolutely, you can contact them through this contact
Phone: 1-855-556-2233

Will I still get the money if I do nothing?

No, you will not receive a single dime. It’s only for those who have applied for the claim.

When is the deadline for the settlement case?

The deadline is 25th August 2023. It is only for US citizens.

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