Microsoft’s eco-rescue Xbox One reborn

Microsoft's eco-rescue Xbox One reborn
  • Xbox Remix controller: Recycled plastic, unique design. Rechargeable battery, no AA needed. Compatible with Xbox, PC, and more.
  • Sustainable innovation: Microsoft’s commitment to eco-conscious gaming. Reusing materials, reducing waste.
  • Enhanced gaming experience: Comfortable grip, ergonomic design. Upgrade your setup, and support a greener future.

Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience extends beyond the games themselves, as evident in its constant innovation and release of new Xbox controllers. One such offering is the Xbox Remix controller, designed with environmental consciousness in mind.

The Xbox Remix controller sets itself apart by utilizing recycled plastic sourced from previous Xbox One controllers. Additionally, the controller incorporates recycled resins from items like CDs, water containers, and headlight covers. Microsoft’s dedication to sustainability is visually apparent, with unique colors and textures that deviate from the norm.

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Retaining the excellent grip of the Xbox Series controller, the Xbox Remix controller provides a familiar and comfortable feel. The plastic used for buttons and sticks, although reflective, feels reassuring under the fingers. While the ribbed texture on the sides may seem unfamiliar initially, it offers a secure grip, ensuring the controller stays firmly in your hands.

Xbox Remix controller

Unlike its predecessors, the Xbox Remix controller addresses the inconvenience of non-rechargeable AA batteries. Microsoft includes a rechargeable battery and charging cable in the box. Unlike the Elite Series 2 controller, the battery remains removable, allowing flexibility to replace or exchange it if needed, without replacing the entire controller.

With the inclusion of a rechargeable battery, the Xbox Remix controller comes at a price of €84.99, it surpasses the cost of the classic controller by €25. Additionally, Microsoft offers a separate battery and USB-C cable kit for €22.99, providing a comprehensive charging solution. Nevertheless, the eco-friendly design justifies the slight premium.

The Xbox Remix controller is compatible with various platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 10 or 11 PC, and most devices that support Bluetooth controllers. Its versatility ensures seamless integration with a wide range of gaming setups.

The Xbox Remix controller represents Microsoft’s commitment to both environmental sustainability and superior gaming experiences. By utilizing recycled materials and offering ergonomic comfort, this controller provides a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience.

While the price may be slightly higher, the inclusion of a rechargeable battery makes it a worthwhile investment. Upgrade your gaming setup with the Xbox Remix controller, enhancing your gaming sessions while contributing to a greener future.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What sets the Xbox Remix controller apart from other Xbox controllers?

The Xbox Remix controller stands out for its use of recycled materials and unique colors/textures.

Which materials are used in the Xbox Remix controller?

The material used in the Xbox Remix controller includes recycled plastic and resins from various sources.

Is the Xbox Remix controller comfortable to hold?

Yes, with excellent grip and textured sides, it is very comfortable o hold.

How does the Xbox Remix controller handle power?

It includes a rechargeable battery, no AA batteries are needed.

Can the battery be replaced in the Xbox Remix controller?

Yes, it’s removable for flexibility.

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