Netflix Takes Action Against Password Sharing

Netflix Takes Action Against Password Sharing
  • Netflix is cracking down on password sharing due to losses in the stock market.
  • Four countries targeted already; more to come, including the US.
  • New Sharing Plan was introduced for a fee, as well as an Ad program for cheaper access.

Password sharing between Netflix users has been a problem that Netflix ignored for a long time as they were racking in profits. But with the recent loss in its share market, Netflix is going on a spree to crack down on it.

Netflix has already taken down 4 countries on its list, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal. They introduced the new Sharing Plan, which allows users to invite another user into their account for a small fee.

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Netflix is planning to crack down on all the countries one by one. For those who are living in other parts of the world, beware Netflix is coming after you.

In a meeting of their shareholders, Netflix announced that they would be doing it to the US, too, in the next quarter. They are already expecting Cancel Reaction, but they said they are willing to go this far to save their declining market. If they do not take such measures, the entire Netflix stock could collapse just like blockbusters did in their times.

If you are sharing your account because you can’t afford the high price? Then Netflix launched an Ad program for such users, so they can still access the cheap version of the Netflix account.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Streaming Service?

Netflix is considered one of the best streaming services in the world. Aside from that, there are other options as well, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Does Netflix provide 4k quality service?

To view 4k resolution videos on Netflix, a 4k TV is required. However, Netflix does offer a streaming service for 4k quality.

Can you share your Netflix account with others?

You can share your Netflix account with others through the Plan Sharing Method.

Is Netflix available in all countries?

Netflix is available in over 190 countries in the world. Each country has its own catalogs and categories for shows.

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