Nvidia & MediaTek, Advanced Car Infotainment Collaboration

Nvidia & MediaTek, Advanced Car Infotainment Collaboration
  • Nvidia and MediaTek collaborate on vehicle infotainment with AI.
  • Nvidia software is integrated into MediaTek systems for compatibility.
  • Partnership targets complex in-car displays and the $12B chip market.

Nvidia Corp and MediaTek Inc announced their collaboration on advanced vehicle infotainment systems that can stream video, games, and interact with drivers using artificial intelligence (AI). This partnership, unveiled at the Computex technology trade show in Taipei, entails MediaTek integrating an Nvidia graphic processing unit (GPU) chipset and software into the system-on-chips it supplies to automakers for infotainment displays.

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By incorporating Nvidia software, MediaTek systems will be compatible with automated driving systems based on Nvidia technology. This integration will enable dashboard displays to show the vehicle’s surroundings, while cameras monitor the driver.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang emphasized the need for strong, long-term partnerships in the automotive industry due to the extended product cycles of car manufacturers. He stated that Nvidia and MediaTek, with their respective strengths and market positions, can provide reliable solutions that automotive industry partners can build upon. The collaboration aims to deliver chips capable of powering every aspect of a car.

In-vehicle displays and entertainment systems are becoming increasingly complex as automakers introduce features like gaming, voice-activated AI, driver monitoring systems, and displays related to automated driving. MediaTek’s arch-rival in the mobile market has also started to partner with automakers. Qualcomm and SalesForce also announced their collaboration on a project of a new connected vehicle platform earlier this year.

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The partnership with MediaTek gives Nvidia broader access to the $12 billion market for infotainment system-on-chips. The companies anticipate launching their first joint products in late 2025. While Nvidia has primarily focused on premium automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover, MediaTek’s expertise lies in the Android smartphone chip sector, catering to lower-priced, mass-market vehicle lines. MediaTek possesses strengths in mobile connectivity and Android systems, addressing segments that Nvidia has yet to target, according to Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s Vice President, Automotive.

The companies did not disclose specific automotive customers as part of their announcement.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the collaboration between Nvidia and MediaTek about?

Nvidia and MediaTek are collaborating on advanced vehicle infotainment systems that integrate AI, video streaming, and gaming capabilities.

Why did Nvidia and MediaTek form this partnership?

Nvidia and MediaTek formed the partnership to provide reliable solutions for the automotive industry, leveraging their respective strengths in GPU chipset integration and long product cycles.

What features are in-vehicle displays and entertainment systems incorporating?

In-vehicle displays and entertainment systems now include gaming, voice-activated AI, driver monitoring systems, and displays for automated driving.

Who are some competitors in this market?

Competitors in this market include Qualcomm, who partnered with SalesForce on a new connected vehicle platform.

When can we expect the first joint products from Nvidia and MediaTek?

The first joint products from Nvidia and MediaTek are anticipated to launch in late 2025.

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