Oldest Video Sorting Might be Making a Comeback on Youtube

Oldest Video Sorting Might be Making a Comeback on Youtube
  • YouTube removed sorting by oldest videos; users were disappointed.
  • Recent reports suggest a possible return of the sorting option.
  • Limited availability, uncertain if it’s a test or rollout.

YouTube is a popular video streaming service recognized for its many useful capabilities. However, a few users were disappointed with Google’s selection to put off sure functions. One of these capabilities was the potential to type a channel’s movies by means of the oldest, making it less complicated to locate older content material.

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For a long time, YouTube claimed that the removal of this sorting option turned into a worm. But in October, at some stage in a writer event, they sooner or later admitted that they had deliberately eliminated it. This left users with the tedious mission of scrolling through a channel’s films manually, which became particularly tough for the YouTube phone app because it stopped loading new content material after some scrolls.

Recently, some Reddit users have said seeing the choice to type a channel’s films by way of oldest on their YouTube app. The screenshots shared by these customers showed a brand new " Oldest" button along with the existing sorting alternatives. It seems to work as anticipated, allowing users to effortlessly get entry to the earliest videos in a channel’s collection. However, it is well worth noting that not all users have to get the right of entry to this option.

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It appears to be limited to sure channels, and it is not available on the YouTube internet site. It is unclear whether that is a confined test or a gradual rollout. While many customers are excited about the possibility of this useful tool making a return, it is exceptional now not to get too hopeful until YouTube confirms a wider release.

In conclusion, YouTube users have expressed their sadness over the removal of the ability to sort a channel’s videos with the aid of the oldest. Recent reviews endorse that YouTube may be testing or slowly reintroducing this option to some users, but it’s not but to be had by all of us. Hopefully, YouTube will concentrate on consumer remarks and make this reachable sorting choice more widely on hand in the future.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What was one of the capabilities that disappointed some YouTube users?

The ability to sort a channel’s videos by the oldest.

How did YouTube initially explain the removal of this sorting option?

Initially, YouTube claimed that the removal of this sorting option was due to a bug.

When did YouTube finally admit that they deliberately removed the sorting option?

YouTube admitted to deliberately removing the sorting option during a publisher event in October.

What was the consequence of the removal of the sorting option?

Users had to manually scroll through a channel’s videos to find older content, which was particularly difficult on the YouTube phone app as it stopped loading new content after a few scrolls.

Is the return of the sorting option confirmed for all users?

No, the return of the sorting option is not confirmed for all users. It is unclear whether this is a limited test or a slow rollout.

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