Pixel 7a hits stores on May 10 for just $499!

Pixel 7a hits stores on May 10 for just $499!
  • Google Pixel 7a to launch on May 10 for $499.
  • No pre-order system; the phone is up for sale immediately
  • Pixel 6a will not discontinue and might get a price reduction

Google’s latest Pixel 7a will be coming into the game soon! With Google I/O being just right around the corner, we can expect to see Pixel 7a on the stage set by Google. According to the creator of Frontpagetech, Jon Prosser, the phone is expected to launch on May 10, and for the price, it will be listed at 499$.

The new Pixel 7a will be available in 4 unique colors Charcoal, Snow, Sea (light blue), and Coral. With the last one being exclusive to Google Store only.

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It was also unveiled that the new Pixel 7a will be up for sale immediately, and there will be no pre-order system this time. It’s great news for Pixel fans as they won’t have to spend time waiting for their phone to arrive, just like a child would wait for its Christmas gifts.

Would Pixel 6a Discontinue?

Pixel fans were dying to know whether the Pixel 6a would continue or not. Because the last time when google released the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 5a was discontinued immediately, the Pixel 4a suffered the same fate when the Pixel 5a was unveiled.

However, according to Jon Prosser, The Pixel 6a would not discontinue even after Pixel 7a hits the stores. Also, there is another good news, Pixel 6a might get its price reduced. It will become a cheap yet reliable phone for those with less budget.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google 7a better than 6a?

Pixel 7a is overall better than 6a in terms of everything, specs, battery, screen, and even software. The only thing which the Pixel 6a has over Pixel 7a is its price.

Is Pixel 7a waterproof?

Pixel 7a, just like Pixel 7, Pixel 7 pro, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 6, is water resistant. But your normal wear and tear can damage its resistance to water.

Do Pixel 7a phones overheat?

Pixel Phones do not overheat unless used for long hours in gaming sessions. Pixel 7a has a good cooling induction method, which makes it cool even during heavy usage.

How many years will Pixel 7a last?

Just like every other Pixel phone, the Pixel 7a will also last for 3 years. It will keep getting security updates for the next 3 years.

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