Pixel 7a: The Latest Leak Unveils the Full Specs

Pixel 7a: The Latest Leak Unveils the Full Specs
  • Pixel 7a specs leaked before its launch at Google I/O.
  • It has a Tensor G2 SoC and a 6.1 inches FHD display with 8GB RAM/128 GB ROM.
  • The phone is priced at $499.

While we are readying up for the imminent launch of Pixel 7a on the upcoming Google I/O, new speculations regarding Pixel 7a just got leaked out. The leaks give us an overview of the hardware of the upcoming flagship while also mentioning some of its weak and strong key points. Before this we had our fair share of leaks already some suggesting its colors, some suggesting its release date and its price, etc. But with these leaks, it’s set in stone as the missing gaps have been fulfilled.

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According to a tweet by a famous tipster Yogesh Brar, we can have an exclusive sneak peek at Pixel 7a specs before its release. From the tweet, we can see that Pixel 7a has considerably improved from the previous 6a which is a promising sign.

The new pixel 7a comes with,

  • 6.1 inches FHD display with 90Hz refresh rate.
  • Tensor G2 SoC chipset
  • Titan M2 chip
  • 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM
  • 128GB storage
  • The rear camera consists of 64MP (OIS) + 12MP UW
  • 4,400 mAh battery with approximately up to 72 hours of battery backup
  • 20W wired and 5W wireless charging

The phone is expected to be prized at 499$. This is the MidRange price, so considering the price, the phone seems to be solid. It has the same chipset as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro so it won’t be lacking in that area. The camera looks good a marginal improvement to the previous Pixel 6a.

The only drawback would be its wireless charging as it is not viable for a quick charge. The only use for it would be overnight charging. but that too isn’t that useful. Overall considering the price range, the phone looks good and can be a good investment for those looking for a midrange flagship. The Pixel 7a would be listed at Google Official Store for 499$.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixel?

Here, pixel means Google’s Android phone brand Google Pixel. But there is also another pixel which means a single lit-up dot on your screen.

How is Google Pixel compared to Samsung Galaxy?

Both Smartphone series have their pros and cons. Google Pixel is better in terms of Software and cameras. While Samsung on the other hand is better in terms of raw performance and specs.

Should I buy a Pixel Phone?

If you are a photo enthusiast then Google Pixel is the best choice for you. If there is one thing that Pixel phones take pride in their Cameras.

Will Pixel 7a come?

Pixel 7a is expected to launch at Google I/O, on the 10th of May.

Is Pixel 7a a Good budget phone?

Google Pixel 7a is Google’s new Flagship phone, the phone itself is expected to be prized at 499$. With the specs it has, it can be fairly said that is definitely a great choice for those with a budget around this price. You can never go wrong with Pixel.

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