Pixel Nightmare Severe Battery Drain, Overheating Grip Users

Pixel Nightmare Severe Battery Drain, Overheating Grip Users
  • Pixel users report severe battery drain and overheating issues.
  • A recent Google app update is suspected as the main cause.
  • Google support is unable to provide effective solutions.

Numerous Pixel smartphone users have recently encountered significant battery drain and overheating problems with their devices. The issue first gained attention when an Engadget reader reported it, subsequently revealing a growing thread of complaints from Pixel users on Reddit and Google’s support forums.

According to one Reddit user, “My Pixel 6 Pro and my wife’s Pixel 6 have been overheating and rapidly losing battery power even when idle. They become extremely hot, not just warm, and lose 20% of battery in under an hour without any usage.”

Similar reports came from Pixel 6a users, as one person stated, “Screen time has decreased from approximately 6 hours to around 3 hours.” The problem also extends to Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users, who have experienced comparable overheating and battery drain issues.

The primary culprit behind these issues appears to be a recent update to the Google app. Many affected users have noticed that the Battery Usage menu on their Pixels identifies the Google app as the highest consumer of battery power.

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Concerned individuals have expressed worries about the impact on the battery and the CPU. “Beyond the battery not lasting, the phone is getting really warm, so I know it’s potentially damaging the battery and CPU,” wrote one Reddit user.

Unfortunately, contacting Google support for a solution has mainly proven unsuccessful for those affected. Troubleshooting steps suggested by support staff, including rolling back to an older version of the Google app or performing a complete factory reset, have failed to resolve the problem.

While it remains uncertain whether the issue affects the recently released Pixel 7a, a test conducted by Android Authority revealed that the phone tends to become excessively hot during charging, resulting in slower charging. Although this is unrelated to the Google app, it warrants further investigation.

As of now, there has been no official response from Google regarding these reported problems. Users anxiously await an update or solution to address the severe battery drain and overheating issues plaguing their Pixel devices.

Numerous Pixel users have encountered troubling battery drain and overheating problems, possibly stemming from a recent update to the Google app. Despite attempts to seek assistance from Google support, affected individuals have not found a satisfactory resolution. The extent of the issue’s impact on the recently released Pixel 7a is uncertain but warrants further investigation. Users eagerly await an official response from Google to address these concerning issues.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What issues are Pixel users experiencing?

Users report severe battery drain and overheating problems.

Where did the issues first gain attention?

The issue gained attention from the Engadget reader’s report and Reddit/Google support forum complaints.

What problems are users facing?

Users are facing problems like rapid battery drain, extreme device heat, and reduced screen time.

What is the main cause of these problems?

A recent Google app update was identified as the primary culprit.

Are there concerns about battery and CPU damage?

Yes, excessive heat may damage the battery and CPU.

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