Pixel Phone Woes, Battery Drain, and Signal Issues

Pixel Phone Woes, Battery Drain, and Signal Issues
  • Pixel phones facing battery drain & signal issues after the June update.
  • The battery runs out quickly, even when not in use.
  • A potential fix is expected in an upcoming update, but delays possible.

Pixel telephones were experiencing a habitual problem with their updates causing issues related to battery existence. Unfortunately, it seems that the brand-new June replacement is causing another round of trouble for some customers. A discussion on Reddit has gained quite a little interest, with numerous Google Pixel proprietors reporting faster battery drain after installing the replacement.

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Affected customers have observed that their cell phone’s battery is going for walks out an awful lot extra speedy than regular. Some human beings even discover their battery desiring a price by way of the afternoon and having to price multiple times an afternoon. This isn’t always how things should be, particularly considering that Pixel telephones have in no way been acknowledged for their remarkable battery lifestyles.

Oddly enough, the telephones appear like draining even quicker when no longer in use, and the difficulty is likewise inflicting them to run hotter than ordinary. The problem seems to mainly have an effect on Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series gadgets. It’s really worth noting that no longer everybody is experiencing those battery problems. Some users declare to have seen upgrades after the replacement. However, there are sufficient reports to indicate that this isn’t always a remoted hassle. Additionally, a few customers have additionally mentioned sign issues after putting in the update. The appropriate news is that a capability restoration might be on the horizon.

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Google generally releases new updates on the primary Monday of the month, which means that an answer may be just a week away. However, it’s critical to recollect that the June replacement changed behind schedule by using nearly two weeks, so it’s feasible that the July update will also be not on time.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What problem were Pixel phones experiencing with their updates?

Pixel phones were experiencing issues related to battery existence caused by their updates.

Are customers facing battery drain issues after installing the June update?

Yes, several Google Pixel owners have reported faster battery drain after installing the June update.

How are the affected phones behaving regarding battery life?

The affected phones’ batteries are running out much more quickly than normal, sometimes requiring multiple charges a day.

Are Pixel phones draining battery even when not in use?

Yes, oddly enough, the phones seem to be draining even faster when not in use.

Which Pixel phone series are primarily affected by this battery drain issue?

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series devices seem to be primarily affected by the battery drain problem.

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