Revolutionary charging: Redmi goes 300W

300W fast charging technology
  • Redmi plans to unveil a 300W fast charger, faster than current chargers.
  • The new technology will be available in a demo phone, Redmi Note 12 Pro.
  • Chinese brands are in competition to create faster charging technology.

According to a post on Digital Chat Station, Redmi is going to unveil its lightning-fast charger that can charge up to 300W. 300W is a lot if compared with everyday chargers, which are at most 60W.

Redmi has always been way ahead of its competitor when it comes to charging. But now, with their ultra-fast 300W charger, the game is set.

At this moment, Realme GT3 is the world’s fastest-charging phone. It supports 240 Watt charging and can charge its big 4600 mah battery in 9 minutes 10 seconds. Compared to normal phones, it is way ahead of its competition. 

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Not until when Redmi decided to enter the race. Sources claim that Redmi is going to bring their new lightning-fast tech into their brand new phone, Redmi Note 12 pro. But the 300W fast charging would only be available in a demo phone.

All the famous Chinese brands like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi are partaking in this race against time. Oppo and Xiaomi have been including 60W to 120W chargers in their phone boxes for a while now. Vivo’s latest flagship also contains a 120W fast charger.

This brand-new technology holds an exciting future if properly used with optimized devices. The upcoming phones might have better and fast charging than ever before.


Redmi is once again back with its revolutionary charging technology, which can charge up to 300W. The Chinese smartphone brands are competing with each other in the charging department. Currently, Redmi Note 12 Pro is the leading one with 300W charging support.

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